The 3 Most Popular Totes to Pair with ToteSavvy

These three tried and true totes are customer favorites to pair with ToteSavvy Original and ToteSavvy Deluxe. Their classic tote shape allows our bag organizers to fit correctly and function at their best. What's even better is that each one of these totes is priced under $175. You really can’t get more for your money than with one of these beauties. 



Madewell transport tote organizer

We love the classic look of the Madewell Transport tote and how it’s the perfect size for ToteSavvy. The Transport tote is void of pockets making ToteSavvy the perfect solution when carrying this tote as a baby bag, work bag, or everyday bag.



LONGCHAMP Le Pliage bag organizer

The Le Pliage tote is a long-time favorite among just about everyone. It’s size is large enough to carry your day without being too big, while the casual yet polished style is perfect for everyday. Our main problem with the Longchamp? It becomes a black hole! Adding ToteSavvy to the Le Pliage large builds in organization where there was none before. 



EVERLANE day market tote organizer

If you’re looking for a classic tote with fantastic quality at a lower price point, the Day Market tote is the perfect bag for you. It’s a great size match for ToteSavvy Original and Deluxe, and comes in enough color options you’ll be able to match your personal style perfectly. 


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