Designer Diaper Bag Overhaul

I love a good handbag. Whenever my parents would ask what I wanted for Christmas or my birthday, it was always another handbag. Finally, they started asking what else I wanted because I had “too many” bags. I’m not exactly sure what that means (just like the phrase “leftover wine” … huh?), but all I know is that my grandma is the only one who still stands by my side regarding my handbag “habit.”  I recently went hunting for some new bags to use with ToteSavvy. Here’s the lowdown on what I’ve found.



 Block-T Brogue Tote, Tory Burch ($475.00)

This tote is so adorable with its adorable perforated trim. Although I was immediately drawn to the bright green color, there are more neutral options available, too. The inside also features a complementary color, and you can see it peeking out through the trim. I love how it comes with a removable pouch that you can use with the bag or carry on its own. Tory Burch makes such great totes, and this is no exception. (Best fit: ToteSavvy original)



Isabella Large Leather Tote, Annabel Ingall ($465)

I was immediately drawn to this bag. The leather is so soft, and I love the well placed studs on the straps. It has a strap tab closure which is adds a nice touch  The coolest thing about this bag is that it’s available in thirteen different colors at Bloomingdales. What more could you wish for? (Best fit: ToteSavvy original)




Leather Backpack, Cuyana ($350)

Have you hopped on the Cuyana train yet? My friends who own Cuyana items are in love. Us moms love a good backpack and this one is to die for!  What’s neat about this one is that the top loop, which would normally be used to hang up the backpack, has been made into a detachable shoulder strap instead. This backpack looks so sleek, whether you’re carrying it on your back or over your shoulder. (Best fit: ToteSavvy mini)




saint laurent tote

I love the look of this tote. It’s chic and classic, just like all things Saint Laurent. It comes in seven neutral colors. There’s also a small pouch in which you can store some makeup or other personal belongings. I particularly like this rich, deep blue color. The reviews are fantastic, which is always a plus. (Best fit: ToteSavvy original)




Orchard Street Maya, Kate Spade ($358)

This bag is beautiful. Despite the color being the same (rioja), the color online is much different than in store. In store, it is a gorgeous purpley-pink, like something you might see on an orchid. The color will easily transition through any season. I have a pashmina in a similar color and it’s much more versatile than you might think! (Best fit: ToteSavvy original, though it is a little snug. Some may prefer the mini for this bag.)




Le Pliage Cuir, Longchamp ($640)

Longchamp makes a lot of wonderful, good quality items. We love the large Le Pliage tote, but did you know they made their classic Le Pliage tote  not only in a crossbody nylon version, but a crossbody leather version as well? I was so excited when I saw them in store the other day. I loooove this orange color. The Longchamp website says it still folds, even with the slight bulk of the leather. Amazing! (Best fit: I only saw the medium version in store, which would fit the mini. The dimensions online say that the large would fit the ToteSavvy original, but I was not able to try it out myself.)

Which of these is your favorite? All of these handbags are so gorgeous and a great fit for either the ToteSavvy mini or original. Happy shopping!

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  • Katherine

    I’m a huge Longchamp fan and can confirm that the Neo and Cuirass in Large both accomadate the Orignal with plenty of room to spare. I can easily stuff the totesavvy full, while also being able to fit a rolled Aden + Anais blanket on the side. I still have enough room that if I needed a second blanket it would be a non issue. :)

    FTR in the regular Neo ad nylon lines without the crossbody strap the bag is smaller and the totesavvy fits fine but there’s really no extra space on the sides and only a bit in the middle.

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