Match ToteSavvy to your Neverfull

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Of the designer baby bag options, one of our favorites has to be the Neverfull paired with ToteSavvy original size. Our original size fits in both the MM and GM sizes (more about sizing here), offering the much-need organization you need when toting around baby essentials. 

One of the questions we get a lot is, “Which color ToteSavvy should I get for my Neverfull?” The answer really depends on which kind you have (or want to buy)! Our color suggestions will streamline your handbag and ToteSavvy pairing. Let's get started!



Style: Monogram

ToteSavvy: coffee, blush or almond

 neverfull insert organizer shaper

For the traditional Monogram Neverfull, both the coffee and almond colors work equally well. Our almond color will be more subtle, while the coffee color will play off of the stripes in the interior.



Style: Monogram (pivoine interior)

ToteSavvy: magenta love, or luxe red


neverfull shaper organizer

Did you know that there's a Neverfull with a bright pink interior? Neither did I, until recently, and it's giving me all the heart eyes. It's a match made in heaven with our magenta love ToteSavvy!  Plus, did you know that 100% of the proceeds from the magenta love ToteSavvy go toward METAvivor, which funds research for metastatic breast cancer research? This combination is a win-win.



Style: Damier Ebene (red interior)

ToteSavvy: luxe red


The luxe red ToteSavvy is a great match for the red interior of the Damier Ebene. The rich red adds such an opulent feel to your handbag.



Style: Damier Ebene (rose ballerine interior)

ToteSavvy: blush



Our blush ToteSavvy blends in seamlessly with the Rose Ballerine interior. The subtle pink adds a touch of whimsy to such a hardworking handbag.



Style: Damier Azur (beige interior)

ToteSavvy: almond, or soft grey



The almond ToteSavvy doesn’t overpower the checkered pattern of the Damier Azur. It blends in with the interior, letting your bag be the star of the show.



Style: Damier Azur (rose ballerine interior)

ToteSavvy: blush



With the Rose Ballerine color, we recommend the blush ToteSavvy. This pairing will add a touch of color to an already fun handbag.



If you don't have a Neverfull and are planning on purchasing one, check out our post here to see if you'd prefer the MM or GM with your ToteSavvy. Happy shopping!


  • Abby Phillips Delaney

    Hi just checking back in! I need the blush tote savvy for my GM NEVERFULL :) please tell me you found an extra one laying around or someone returned one?? Thank you 🙏🏻 so much !!

  • Jenn

    I would love the magenta deluxe as well! Please bring it back!

  • ToteSavvy

    Unfortunately, our Magenta Love ToteSavvy is no longer available. Please sign up for our newsletter if you’d like to stay up to date with our launches. We may bring this color back at some point!

  • Katie Thomason


    I am looking for the hot pink deluxe insert. Do you still make this?


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