ToteSavvy Size Guide

totesavvy sizing

Sizing can be tricky, which is why we’re breaking it down for you with all the inside scoop on our three ToteSavvy styles.

Let’s start with the basics. ToteSavvy comes in three styles: Deluxe, Original, and Mini. Deluxe and Original are the exact same size insert, with different pocket styles.

Deluxe includes the laptop pocket (which can be used for other things as well) and the zip-top cooler pocket. The cooler pocket is great for carrying bottles, snacks, a lunch, or anything else you'd like to keep cold.

ToteSavvy Mini is the smaller insert developed for medium size handbags and backpacks. Take a look below for a side by side representation.

totesavvy size comparison

Original and Deluxe were designed to fit best inside large totes. The insert itself is 14” in length, 10” in height, and 4” - 6” in depth depending on how you pack it.

Mini was designed to fit inside medium size handbags or a backpack. The insert is 9.5” in length (this includes the changing mat that’s rolled on the side), 9” in height, and 3” - 5” in depth.


totesavvy original and totesavvy mini

totesavvy mini and totesavvy original


You'll notice in the image above that ToteSavvy Original opens like a book, while ToteSavvy Mini does not. This is another key difference between the Deluxe/Original styles and ToteSavvy Mini. 

To give you a good indication of how each ToteSavvy fits inside the same handbag, we packed ToteSavvy Original and ToteSavvy Mini with the same items and placed them inside the three different bags. The first is the Goyard St. Louis GM, the second is the Longchamp Le Pliage Large, and third if the Fawn Design bag (original size). 



Handbag Dimensions: 16" length x 11.5" height

On the left is ToteSavvy Mini and on the right is ToteSavvy Original size. The image below shows ToteSavvy Mini with other items around the insert to help fill the space. Some customers prefer to use the smaller insert (ToteSavvy Mini) and don't mind the extra space for other items. 

totesavvy inside goyard st. louis gm diaper bagtotesavvy mini inside goyard saint louis




Handbag Dimensions: 12.5" length x 11.5" height

Don't let the length dimension mislead you. While it seems it would be too small for ToteSavvy Original or Deluxe, the shape of the tote allows for a great fit. On the left, you'll see ToteSavvy Mini and on the right ToteSavvy Original size. The image below shows ToteSavvy Mini with other items around the insert to help fill the space.

longchamp le pliage diaper bag totesavvy

longchamp le pliage diaper bag totesavvy mini




Handbag Dimensions: 15" length x 11" height x 8" depth

Most customers prefer ToteSavvy Mini (pictured left) inside their Fawn Design bag because it allows them to access and use the pockets inside the backpack. It's also a good fit if you plan to take your insert out often. On the right, you'll see how ToteSavvy Original or Deluxe fits inside this bag. The insert does bend in order to fit properly and it's sitting very snugly. 

fawn design totesavvy

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