10 Summer Must Haves for Your ToteSavvy

10 Summer Must Haves for Your ToteSavvy

Summer is here! Now that it’s officially summer, there are a few things that I always have in my ToteSavvy. Don't you love this jute bag by Little Adi + Co?Here are ten must-haves to make sure you’re prepared for lots of outdoor time over the next few months.


  • First and foremost, I want my daughter to be protected from the sun. I cannot say enough good things about iPlay's Toddler Flap Sun Protection Hat. Since there is a brim in the front, on the sides, and in the back, I know her face and neck are protected. I love how the string cinches so that you can get the perfect fit around the back of the head. There is also a tie that goes underneath their chin, ensuring it will stay on (unlike many other hats I’ve tried).

iplay hat, toddler hats


  • I go to Consumer Reports for reviews of many things, and each summer I make sure to check their list of sunscreens. One of the best performing ones was Pure Sun Defense sunscreen. It is inexpensive and found at many drugstores. As a bonus, it comes in character themed bottles, making it more appealing to kids. I plan to put some sunscreen into a small bottle like this one so I don’t have to tote the whole thing around with me.pure sun defense, toddler sunscreen, best sunscreen
  • Lastly, as far as protection goes, are sunglasses. Luckily my daughter is obsessed with sunglasses (she calls them “goggles”), so I have that working in my favor (for now). I love Babiators and Beaba’s sunglasses because they are durable (bendable!) and stylish.

                                beaba sunglasses, toddler sunglasses

babiators, toddler sunglasses

  • Hydration is so important during these hot months. I pack her water, with some ice, in a Thermos Foogo  insulated straw bottle. It keeps the water cold for hours!
foogo thermos, toddler thermos, toddler insulated cup
  • I also make sure to pack more snacks. Because the weather is so much nicer, I find myself away from the house for longer periods of time. By now, you know that I’m a die-hard Squeasy Snacker fan, however I also love the Beaba’s snack and formula container as well.
squeasy snacker, no spill bottle, toddler water bottle
beaba formula and snack container, snack container
  • During the summer we sometimes go to splash pads or to the pool.  For this reason, I like to keep a wet bag on hand. Logan and Lenora have really cute ones! I also keep a spare outfit on hand (see: splash pads) and Rags to Raches makes adorable, comfortable, and stylish clothes for kids. There are so many cute patterns and styles!
wet bag, swim bag, bathing suit bag, Logan and Lenora
Rags to Raches, toddler outfits, toddler clothes
  • I’m not sure about other kids, but my daughter can gets so sweaty when she runs around. Yuck. I make sure to carry extra wipes so that I can wipe her down to cool her off if necessary. Because I want my wipes to be multi-use, I buy Water Wipes. They all are great for diaper changes, and because they are all natural, I feel safe using them on her face and body.

water wipes, baby wipes, natural wipes 

  • Although I looooooove my JJ Cole Outdoor Mat, I don’t always want to lug around a giant blanket for on-the-go, spontaneous trips. Instead, I will pack a sarong that I bought while on vacation. It rolls up nicely in one of ToteSavvy's many pockets and can be used as a picnic blanket or a towel.
sarong, packable blanket, travel blanket
  • Now that my daughter is over a year and a half, I was telling another mom how I need to start carrying Band-Aids in my bag! My daughter is very adventurous and active, and always has bruises and scrapes on her legs. She has yet to have a huge scrape, but I know it’s coming! I just bought some Lion King ones because we just took a trip to the zoo. 

 band aids, band aids for kids, bandages

I can’t wait to get out and do some summer activities with my daughter! What do you like to pack in your bag for summertime?


totesavvy baby bag organizer summer


totesavvy baby bag organizer


ToteSavvy Little Addie Co baby bag diaper bag organizer




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