Handbag Spotlight: Zara Mini City Bag

Hey gorgeous mamas! Looking for another handbag? Maybe not looking but totally interested in learning more about a super chic, super affordable, and ToteSavvy-friendly handbag? Great! We've got just the bag for you! 

If you're unfamiliar with Zara please take a minute to shop their site now. Zara is the beautiful love child of high-end designs and affordable fashion. Somehow they've figured out the perfect formula for trendy (but not too trendy), well-made, yet still reasonably priced designer-looking duds. Whenever we're craving the latest silhouettes but can't manage a big shopping budget we turn to Zara. They never disappoint!  

The Mini City Bag caught our eye this month. This cool tote is the best of many worlds in its chic and unexpected shape, beautiful construction, low price and added features like a shoulder strap. When we're considering if a handbag is right for ToteSavvy we love to see a shoulder strap because it just makes mom's life easier. Going hands-free by wearing your bag as a cross-body, or slinging your handbag over your stroller is an absolute must. 

The Mini City Bag happens to be a smaller tote (perfect for anyone who dreads large handbags!) and happens to be the perfect size for our brand new ToteSavvy product, ToteSavvy Mini! The Mini was launched as a complimentary product to our original size organizer. It's small enough to fit inside medium totes, satchels, hobos and more, yet gives you enough storage to pack for one baby, a couple toddlers or even just organizer your own essentials. 

In our photo diary we're showcasing just how perfect ToteSavvy Mini is for the on-the-go mom looking to carry her favorite handbag while staying organized. Paired inside Zara's Mini City Bag, this mama is lookin' good and packin' light!  


P.s. That gorg necklace this mama is rocking is actually a silicone teething necklace by Mama & Little! Find it here



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