Packing Your ToteSavvy for Summer

summer diaper bag

Twins are outfitted by Zutano 


As summer nears we find ourselves facing hot sunny days, sometimes with little shade. Combating the heat with little ones can sometimes be a challenge. The key to keeping everyone cool is to pack your diaper bag with the right essentials for summer fun. It's time to swap out those extra socks and jackets for sun hats and sunscreen!


diaper bag for summer


Let's start with the basics– diapers and wipes. We love the Honest Co. diapers and wipes and how the colorful prints brighten up the inside of your ToteSavvy. The fact that they are chemical free is a pretty big plus too ;)


packing your diaper bag


Next to your diapers and wipes you can easily store diaper rash cream and other small items which fit conveniently inside ToteSavvy's stacked small pockets. We love Babo's Soothing Diaper Cream because it's completely free of synthetic fragrances, nut oils (it's allergy-free!), parabens, phthalates, and other man-made chemicals. It's also cloth diaper safe! 

Also included in the Babo Botanical collection are two perfect additions to your summer diaper bag. Their Super Shield Sun Stick is lightweight and hypoallergenic. It goes on smoothly and doesn't leave a chalky and greasy residue. We personally tested this product on both a 3 year old and 1 year old (with sensitive skin) and found it to go on very easily while giving them long lasting protection. The small size of this stick makes it an easy addition to your diaper bag.

In the same pocket as your Super Shield Sun Stick is room for your Babo Botanicals Nutri-Soothe SPF 15 Lip Treatment. Keep your lips nourished and protected with their antioxidant enriched lip balm. It's great for kids too!


organized diaper bag


On the other side of your ToteSavvy is room for a sippy cup, snacks and a change of clothing. We recently learned of Boon Inc's Snug Spout Sippy Cup Lids. They are the perfect diaper bag addition, making it simple for you to turn almost any cup into a sippy cup. What a cool idea! Their Snug Spout set also includes a BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free cup. 

In ToteSavvy's middle pocket is the Innobaby Packin' Smart Stackables 5 Tier snack tower. This nifty little container allows you to pack a variety of snacks, while neatly containing them in an easy-to-open stacking tower. The tower fits perfectly inside ToteSavvy's pockets, making it our go-to snack organizer. 

Each compartment also comes with a funnel-like lid perfect for pouring formula into a bottle. If you're packing for a baby and big kid, this tower is perfect for you! 


diaper bag change of clothing


Every diaper bag needs a change of clothing, especially during summertime. You never know when your little one will need a fresh frock after a long day at the park, or out-and-about around town.

The Zutano Bateau Baby Romper dress and Bateau Baby Henley Bodysuit are the the perfect one piece ensembles to freshen up baby's look. In the above photo we have rolled each one and packed them inside ToteSavvy's x-large pocket.


sun hats diaper bag


One diaper bag essential that is crucial for summer weather is a sun hat. Ensure baby stays cool and protected with an adorable sunhat to match their outfit. These Zutano sun hats are made from 100% cotton interlock fabric that is super soft and lightweight. 

Pack your sun hats inside ToteSavvy's large velcro pocket. Your hats will stay easily accessible while retaining their shape. 


diaper bag organizer


Another summer diaper bag must-have is spray sunscreen. Spray application is the easiest way to ensure your little ones are protected. It's also the best way for you to protect yourself when you have about 0.5 seconds to apply. 

We love Babo Botanicals' Sheer Zinc Sunscreen which contains 100% non-nano zinc oxide and is completely free of chemicals. 


diaper bag for summer


summer diaper bag


Tote is by GiGi New York. Organizer insert is ToteSavvy Soft Grey

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