Using ToteSavvy as a Gym Bag Organizer

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Similar to toting around the entire nursery in our diaper bags, we tend to stuff our gym bags to the top. Wouldn't it be nice to do so in a more organized fashion? We love staying organized. Not only does it make finding essential items easier, it also keeps us calm and collected knowing we have everything we need neatly packed away in our handbag. Add a purse organizer like ToteSavvy to your Yoga bag and you'll stay zen long before (and after!) your workout. 

Take a peek through our photo diary to see how we've organized ToteSavvy for a peaceful yoga workout. Included are these essential items (great for a gym workout too!):

Aluminum water bottle
Hand towel
Cosmetics bag
Lip balm
Healthy snacks
Head phones
Reusable shopping bag
Cell phone

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