Maternity Style Basics | How to Style Your Bump

how to style your bump

We love style just as much as we love organization here at Life in Play. A great personal style can lift your mood, build your confidence, and represent you in the best possible way. During pregnancy it can be harder to find your personal style, and express yourself through fashion. For that very reason, we've put together a list of basics you'll love to wear during your bump days. Many of these items will carry through past your pregnancy, to become staples in your wardrobe long after baby arrives. All of these basics can be paired with jackets, cardigans, scarves, jewelry and other accessories currently in your wardrobe. Pregnancy style has a lot to do with utilizing what you have, and adding comfortable pieces to wear as a base. With these maternity basics, you'll be ready to style your bump with ease! 


1. Basic Striped T-shirt: This staple works wonders for layering and pattern mixing. It's classic print can also be paired with a simple jeans and sneakers combo for a casual yet put-together look. We adore this ensemble from Barefoot Blonde!

striped t-shirt maternity style

2. Long Layering Tanks: These will come in handy long after baby arrives and might even currently be in your wardrobe. We love layering long tanks under t-shirts, jackets, and even over each other for an added hint of color or style element.

3. White Button-up Shirt: A white button-up shirt is a staple in any wardrobe, no matter your age or style. We highly recommend purchasing a maternity version of this staple to carry you through your pregnancy. Our style inspiration for this basic comes from The Ivory Lane.


1. Liquid Leggings: We love liquid leggings because they add another element of texture to your look. If you don't want to go full-out liquid, try finding leather panel leggings instead. One of our favorite retailers for maternity leggings is Note: Liquid or leather-looking leggings are great for fall, winter and even spring style. If the majority of your pregnancy occurs in the summer months, we suggest forgoing the liquid leggings and opting for standard knit leggings instead. 

2. Skinny Maternity Jeans: Maternity jeans are another must-have for maternity style. Regular denim gets difficult to wear and isn't the comfortable option you're often looking for. Pick up a pair or two of skinny maternity jeans with the jersey band attached. We personally like the full band that covers your whole bump. Opt for skinny jeans over bootcut or wide leg. The silhouette of the skinny jean will frame your bump in the best possible way without making other areas of your body look large. 


1. Fitted Jersey Dress: This staple may currently be in your wardrobe. We love fitted jersey dresses for pregnancy because they are comfortable, easy to throw on, and outline your adorable baby bump. Pair with a simple necklace and sandals for summer styling, or sweater and boots for those colder days. We love how Amber from Barefoot Blonde styled her jersey dress below.

2. Maxi Dress: Another staple most likely hanging in your closet as you read this. We love maxi dresses because of their comfort and versatility. You can easily choose your accessories to compliment the time of year and weather. We adore maxi dresses worn in the fall! 

3. Bold Print Tunic: Looking to add a fun pop to your maternity wardrobe? How about a tunic with a colorful print? It's a great way to show off your bump and add some energy to your look. MyChicBump does this perfectly with their purple and red graphic print tunic. 


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