How to Organize Your Diaper Bag (or ToteSavvy!)


As a new parent, falling into a routine after bringing baby home is glorious. You learn what to expect, and are equipped to handle the surprises when they happen. But what about when you're on-the-go? It's hard to take on the day with the same ease when you're away from home base. One way to make it easier on yourself is to have a smartly packed diaper bag. When you take care of baby at home, you have everything you need perfectly organized and placed in appropriate areas around your house. We suggest using this same tactic to pack your diaper bag. 

To start, you'll want to buy an organizer insert to use inside your diaper bag or handbag. An organizer will keep everything in it's place and allow for quick and easy access. Our favorite organizer is, of course, ToteSavvy. ToteSavvy is great because it boasts the features of a diaper bag, but can be used inside any medium to large size tote. This allows you to turn a more fashionable handbag into a fully functional and stylish diaper bag. It's the best of both worlds!

Once you have your ToteSavvy, you need to pack it efficiently and smartly. To help with this, we've created a packing list for newborns infants to a 1 year old. Our diaper bag packing list includes all the essentials plus a few extra items we like to add from years of personal experience :)


The Diaper Bag Packing List (Newborn - 1 year):

  • Diapers - Our rule of thumb is 1 diaper for every 1 hour you're out and about
  • Wet wipes - Grab a full large pack, not the tiny "travel" size that holds 5 wipes
  • Diaper cream - Aquaphor works great as a diaper cream and skin soother
  • Clean outfit - Just the basics: onesie, pants, socks
  • Bottles + breastmilk (or formula) - Enough bottles and milk for the amount of feedings you'll have plus an extra (just in case). 
  • Nursing items - Cover or scarf (if you prefer to use one)
  • Bib - Pack 1 to 2
  • Burp cloth - Pack just 1
  • Swaddle blanket - We love the gauze blankets because they double as a sun shield
  • Sunscreen - After 6 months babies can wear sunscreen to help protect their skin
  • Hand sanitizer - For use after diaper changes or messy situations
  • Soother - Whatever your baby likes! Pacifier, love-y, wub nub, etc. 
  • Baby snacks - Puff cereal or cheerios are great as entertainment for baby too!
  • Toy - A small toy or rattle will do. 






Click here to learn more about the organizer insert, ToteSavvy, used in these images and video!

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    Love this! I can’t seem to find the two toned- hot pink and brown or black large diaper bag organizer. I would like to purchase one. It’s featured in the video above but not available on your website for purchase.

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