Fall Style Tips for Moms

We know you're busy wrangling little ones while having limited
time to primp. That's why we're excited to share our fall style tips
that make your mornings easier and stress free! At least when
it comes to your outfit ;)

Denim on denim:
This spring look is making it's way into fall fashion. This 
season, try paring your denim ensemble with a cognac
handbag and belt. This brings the look into fall and out
of spring. 

Why this look works for moms:
Everyone has denim in their wardrobe. It's an easy outfit to
put together in a rush and doesn't require extra purchases.
Plus, you can wear this look again by changing up the
accessories for a slight twist on the basic style. 

Dressed up sneakers:
Sneakers are continuing to make their mark in the fashion
scene. Style your ensemble in mono-tone, or grab a bright
pair for a fun pop of color. 

Why this look works for moms:
If you're a constant park-going mom, this look is for you.
Keep the functionality of sneakers while up-ing your style
game by pairing with leather leggings and a great fall coat.
Don't forget the handbag! A great tote (like the one shown
above) can easily double as a diaper bag when used
with ToteSavvy

Blazer and jeans:
This classic look seems to always be in style. Try an ivory
or heather grey blazer to update the look for 2015. 

Why this look works for moms:
The simple outfit of jeans, t-shirt and blazer can be dressed
up or down in hundreds of unique versions. While pairing with
heels or booties is very chic, flats also work with this ensemble.
Moms will love the versatility of changing their look by only 
switching out their shoes.  Another reason to love the blazer
and jeans look is because it pairs beautifully with a large tote.
Totes make excellent diaper bags especially when paired
with an insert like ToteSavvy.

Plaid shirt:
This fall basic is pretty self explanatory. Plaid shirts are
always a staple in fall style. They can easily be dressed
up or down and come in such a large array of colors
and pattern variety that you can stock up on copious
amounts of this wardrobe basic. 

Why this look works for moms:
Plaid can easily be worn with a t-shirt and jeans which, 
as you know, tends to be the uniform for moms. Throwing
in a plaid shirt breaks up the monotony of an everyday outfit
 while staying casual and comfortable. 
photo credit: Merrick's Art

We adore flats and find them to be the most versatile,
comfortable and stylish shoe you can buy. If you love
flats and wear them as often as we do, we suggest 
stocking up on the classic colors (black, brown, nude)
in simple designs, as well as purchasing a few fashion
flats (think bright color or bold pattern). 

Why this look works for moms:
Flats work with just about any outfit, are easy to chase
after small children while wearing, and are the type of
shoe you find yourself always coming back to. As
for bang-for-your-buck, flats will give you the most use
for your money spent. That's a win-win in our opinion!

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