Reversible Tote by Street Level as a Diaper Bag

Scouting out new handbags is one of our favorite things to do here at Life in Play. We're hoping to one day have a section of our office similar to the legendary Vogue sample closet to house all of our favorite totes. Oh the aspirations! This month our favorite handbag to feature is one that's getting some major praise around the blogosphere. This classic tote by Street Level offers style, function and amazing affordability. 

Let's start with style. When it comes to the classic tote shape, Street Level has it down. It's the perfect size for multi-functionality without being too big. The cool "exposed seam allowance" sides offer a non-traditional design feature that's pretty chic. The functionality of this tote only adds to it's appeal. Stating the obvious, the fact that it's reversible allows for two totes in one, making it a smart purchase. It also comes with a matching wristlet that's perfect for your keys, phone and maybe a lipstick or two. Last but not least this great tote is under $50. It's HARD to find a handbag under that price point. We're completely delighted Street Level offers us such a chic and affordable handbag! 

To round out our review we, of course, had to put it to the test with ToteSavvy. While this great tote makes a fantastic handbag, would it make for a great diaper bag? Oh yes it does! ToteSavvy fits beautifully inside without feeling too confined. The height of Street Level's tote completely hides ToteSavvy when looking at it from the side enabling you to "conceal your diaper bag". It's also light enough to allow for the arsenal of essentials you'll need to carry around on a daily basis. When fully packed with ToteSavvy and our favorite baby items, this tote didn't feel too heavy or over-packed. This is a HUGE plus in our opinion! 

Overall, we adore Street Level's Faux Leather Reversible Tote. It's honestly the best of about 3 worlds; fashionable, functional, and affordable. We couldn't ask for more :)

Take a look through our photo diary of ToteSavvy and Street Level's tote below!

street level tote diaper bag
street level tote diaper bag

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