Keep Your New Year's Resolution to Organize Your Life

Every year you make the same resolution. Institute some sort of routine to keep yourself together and organized. You generally have great intentions and keep to a new routine for a week or so (or maybe a month!) but then it starts falling apart. Your morning procedure with the kids starts to veer off course after an alarm doesn't go off, your toddler decides this routine is no longer fun and throws a complete tantrum over putting his shoes on after his pants, or maybe the routine was just too ambitious and it's not realistic to prepare a full breakfast, complete with pancakes and chai latte's, while also getting everyone ready for the day. Whatever it is that breaks your determination to stick with a New Year's resolution, remind yourself that it's not about sticking to a strict schedule but adding a small amount of organization to your life that actually makes life easier.

How do you achieve these small steps towards an organized life and inner zen? Simple. Give yourself the tools to succeed that won't let you completely fall apart if you deviate from the plan from time to time. Our favorite tools help plan your day, keep you on task and keep you organized. Let's do this 2016!



ToteSavvy is our favorite product for staying organized on-the-go. Whether you're a parent or not, ToteSavvy gives you simple organization that eliminates not so fun experiences like forgetting important items, digging around your handbag for your keys (or a paci!), or spilling an entire bottled beverage inside your brand new designer tote. If you name your handbags "the black hole" or hate a disorganized mess, ToteSavvy is likely the organization solution you've been looking for. With special features not found in most organizers (like our flat pocket for paperwork, insulated beverage pocket, and water resistant nylon material) the ToteSavvy insert truly is the best organizer you can buy for quality features and ease of use.



kallax ikeaDoes your home suffer from rogue items cluttering countertops, the dining table, the couch, and pretty much any flat surface? If so, you likely have a resolution to keep your home tidy. This can be a very daunting task especially if you have kids. Children are like tiny tornados who decide to empty the contents of an entire cabinet at a moment's notice. If your home suffers from disorganization we have a suggestion. Use a cubby or bin system to store rogue items. Those extra pairs of sunglasses, spare keys, umbrellas, lunch boxes and other useful items can live inside a little cubby or bin until their next use. The key here is to train yourself (and your family) to toss these items in the bin over an empty spot on the counter. This will keep clutter at bay and teach everyone how to easily clean as they go so your weekends aren't spent doing a complete cleaning spree.

Our favorite system for storage is the Kallax by IKEA. It’s relatively inexpensive and the square spaces are the perfect size for just about any bin or box.




day designerStaying on-task can be tough. We’ve found using a designated planner/calendar helps tremendously. Our favorite planner is the Day Designer by Whitney English. This little gem has a separate page for every day of the year, as well as your standard monthly layout. If your daily action item list is much longer than what fits inside a small 1” box, the Day Designer is for you. It also includes cool unique features like a section for “today’s top 3”, dinner planning, budgeting, “don’t forget”, and daily gratitude. There truly isn’t another planner like this one. LP Tip: Plan to schedule tasks for your week during the prior Friday. Friday’s tend to be less busy work days giving you time to think about the following week and what needs to be accomplished.



chore chartIf you’re the parent of a toddler or preschooler, the likely cause of stress and strife during your morning routine is attributed by a stubborn child. Getting dressed, brushing hair and teeth, eating breakfast are all tasks that become foreign to them the second you’re in a hurry. Sidenote: check out this comedy routine by Michael McIntyre if you’re in the mood for a laugh. The trick to keeping small children on-task is to make sure they are 100% aware of what’s expected of them, while doing so in a fun way. Our favorite way to accomplish this is by introducing an activity board (or chore chart). This enables your child to see exactly what needs to be done (thus mentally preparing themselves) as you make a game out of your daily routine. This particular board (found on Etsy by AbbiesHouse) is great for toddlers because it shows an image of each task making it easy for them to understand. The board is magnetized allowing your child to move each square over to the “done” column after each task is complete. Though it may seem mundane to you, moving these little squares is a riot for a toddler. It’s the simple things in life :)



So, are you up for the challenge? We’re excited to implement these strategies to our New Year’s resolutions and hope you are too!

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