Your Style. Your Handbag. Your ToteSavvy.

When it comes to finding that perfect diaper bag you've always dreamed of, the shopping process can sometimes be a let-down. Sure, there are copious amounts of traditional diaper bags to browse. The unfortunate fact– none of them excite you. 

Until now. Our diaper bag organizer insert isn't just a purse organizer. It's the instrument to retain your personal style while keeping every bit of utility you'd expect from a diaper bag. Change your handbag (and diaper bag!) as often as you like with our simplistic, functional and understatedly elegant insert, ToteSavvy

Take a look..  



  • katie

    thanks so much!!

  • Life in Play

    Yep! It is the Tori Tote by GiGi New York :)

  • Christine

    I think it’s this Gigi New York tote

  • katie

    does anyone know what bag is the purple/maroon one shown in the video?

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