Why ToteSavvy Is the Better Baby Bag Organizer

Over the past two years as Life in Play and ToteSavvy have grown, we’ve received a lot of amazing questions from our customers. One question that tends to stick out among the rest is, “how is ToteSavvy different?”

The main reason why ToteSavvy is different from any other purse organizer is simple. It was created to fill a need. As the new mom of a 3 month old baby I felt my world flip upside down as I entered motherhood. I yearned to keep my sense of self but found it impossible to do so while working non-stop for my little 12lb manager. Out of desperation to feel like myself again, and utilize my favorite handbags, I sewed together a prototype that would soon enough become ToteSavvy.

As ToteSavvy was improved and adapted, my daughter grew from a 3 month old to a 9 month old. I learned what was needed to pack inside my diaper bag for a newborn, and how those necessities changed as she became a full fledged babbling baby. While it seemed the baby stage would last forever, soon enough she was a walking and talking toddler. Throughout my journey with my daughter, features inside ToteSavvy improved. I didn’t want to create just another purse organizer. I wanted to create the very best organizer.

Every feature was well thought out and fully vetted before permanently placed on ToteSavvy. It is these features that make ToteSavvy different. And the commitment we have to continuously improve our products is what makes Life in Play different.  

A Closer Look at ToteSavvy

diaper organizer

As a first-time mom, I never wanted to leave the house without enough diapers and wipes to last a month. This meant ToteSavvy needed to have a separate pocket for both diapers (10 disposable) and wipes.

I'm also the type of person who loves to use wet wipes for everything. Packing a full package of wet wipes was crucial. 


pacifier organizer

My oldest daughter was addicted to her pacifier as a baby. We always carried backups in case one got lost or fell on the ground. Because a lack-of-binky induced meltdown could take place in a split second, I opted for a small pocket right at the top of ToteSavvy to hold my daughter's pacifiers (along with a few spares). 

The second short pocket below ended up being the perfect size for toddler sippy cups. While this pocket was placed there to look aesthetically pleasing at first, it ended up being a very strategically placed pocket as my daughter grew. 


baby bag organizer

Another must-have on my list while creating the first version of ToteSavvy was a special pocket for my cell phone. Sure, I could place it inside that little zip pocket most large totes come with, but the idea of accessing my phone quickly and easily seemed perfect. To this day I still love the cell phone pocket and it's placement at the top of ToteSavvy. Even when I'm not carrying diapers or bottles, I still use ToteSavvy just so I can have that easy access to my phone.

The x-large velcro pocket (or "dirty pocket") was developed after a trip to our pediatrician's office where I was informed of a new policy in which we weren't allowed to toss dirty diapers in the trash. As our sweet nurse politely told me I'd have to carry the poopy diaper I was holding with me outside of the building, I realized how convenient a "dirty pocket" would be.

After that doctor's visit I also greatly appreciated the fact that ToteSavvy is made from a nylon twill fabric. Easy to wipe clean and can handle a disinfectant wipe. 



diaper bag insert

The addition of the flat pocket is another feature I didn't realize how much I would love until later. I figured it would be a great pocket for coloring books, but what I later learned was how much paperwork I'm handed on a given day. From letters that need mailing, to preschool fliers, to my own work notebook, I utilize the flat pocket to the fullest. Never again will I hand off a crumpled registration form!


key clasp

Well, this one is pretty obvious. Ask anyone woman how much she likes to fish through her handbag to find her keys. No one likes it. Not one person. 

I have seen the key clasps on a long lanyard before but always found them annoying to use. My keys would get stuck beneath something and when I forcefully yanked them out, the entire contents of my purse would come flying at me. It seemed so simple to place the clasp at the top of the organizer and avoid the issue altogether.



diaper bag organizer


My main goal when creating ToteSavvy was to make it easy to access every single item inside my handbag. I didn't want to unzip, unsnap, or roll anything out. I just wanted to reach my hand in and grab what I needed. Typically I had a baby in the other arm so one hand was all that was available anyways!

To date it has been almost 3 years since I crafted that first sample of ToteSavvy on my home sewing machine. I can honestly say I'm so happy with how ToteSavvy has evolved and how it still keeps me organized today. One of my biggest fears was that I'd outgrow my own product. I'm thrilled to say that's not the case. 

I still get excited thinking about how to pack my insert differently and if the latest handbag obsession is ToteSavvy compatible. I love learning of new baby products because I get to see how they fit inside my ToteSavvy and my life.

As Life in Play grows I'm excited to bring you more innovative products that make your life easier. In fact, another top question our customers are always asking is if ToteSavvy comes in a smaller size. Well... I'm pleased to tell you it will soon ;)


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