Epic Mother's Day Gifts

Shopping for Mom isn't always the easiest task, so how do you choose the perfect gift for the multi-tasking rockstar mom? Simple. Choose a gift that makes her feel special, appreciated and pampered. Our four gift picks are sure to please and proven to be just as functional as they are stylish. After all, moms do love a multi-faceted product!



Mommy Mailbox Subscription

mommy mailbox subscription

photo credit Mommy Mailbox


We love the idea of a monthly subscription box and Mommy Mailbox has taken the “mommy” box to the next level. With thoughtfully curated items like a Solly Baby wrap, a gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. notebook, and luxe beauty must-haves, the Mommy Mailbox subscription is like no other. They’ve pretty much nailed the style-savvy mom who craves unique pieces with an eye-catching aesthetic. Where do we sign up!?!

Speaking of, you can sign up for a subscription on their website and choose from four different options: monthly auto-bill, 1 month box, 3 month box and 6 month box. You’re welcome ;)

P.s. Stay tuned to our Instagram page (@ToteSavvy) for a giveaway with Mommy Mailbox the first week of May!




photo credit: Tieks


All moms can agree owning a great pair of flats is crucial for motherhood. Flats are a nice option to throw on when running out the door and will keep your feet happy when running after a very energetic toddler.

Tieks are our go-to brand for flats for a variety of reasons. Number one, they are SUPER adorable and come in a large variety of color options. From snakeskin to neon leather, you’ll easily find a pair (or two!) that fit right in with your wardrobe. Secondly, they are incredibly comfortable. A lot of flats don’t have the support you need when practically jogging at the park to keep up with your kiddo. Tieks have non-skid rubber soles that protect your feet and keep you going.


Mama & Little Jewelry

teething jewelry

photo credit: Mama & Little


Think your jewelry options are limited because you have a teething / grabby baby? Think again. Mama & Little teething jewelry will re-ignite your love for accessories with the added bonus that every piece is completely baby safe. Your little one can gnaw away without you worrying about a thing.

Besides being a safe and fun method to soothe sore gums, Mama & Little designs are seriously stylish. No joke, you’ll be excited to wear them and inspired to build your ensemble. We’ve even been caught wearing them to the office when no babies are present. No one else knows they’re actually for teething!!




Nine Naturals Beauty Products

pregnancy safe shampoo

photo credit: Nine Naturals


With all the new research surrounding harsh chemicals found in beauty products and the long term effect it has on own bodies, it’s hard not to be scared to reach for your daily body cream (or even deodorant!). When we learned of Nine Naturals we were incredibly excited and relieved. Nine Naturals beauty products are made from only natural ingredients (they even list every ingredient and what it is on their website!) that are good for your body and non-toxic.

In addition to being 100% safe, these products smell delicious (yes!) and come in beautifully designed containers that make you feel like you’re using something straight out of a fancy spa. We particularly love their Citrus + Mint Nourishing Pregnancy Safe Shampoo (Amen to pregnancy safe!) and Natural Unscented Pregnancy Safe Deodorant. There’s nothing better than feeling pampered and knowing your baby and body are safe.  

P.s. Stay tuned to our Instagram page (@ToteSavvy) for a giveaway with Nine Naturals next week!

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