Packing ToteSavvy for After School Activities

The school year has begun and after school activities are in full swing! If your kiddos are like the ones we know, the first thing you're asked upon pickup is, "do you have a snack for me?" Happens every day without fail ūüėā

To ensure your ToteSavvy is fully loaded with healthy and easy to carry snacks, we recommend packing puree pouches (like those from Happy Family) as your go-to after school snack. The big kids love their Twist and Super flavors like blueberry pomegranate. You will love them too because they're easy to pack inside your ToteSavvy in the morning (or even the night before!) and are full with Vitamin C and Potassium. 

To satisfy your littlest, Happy Family offers the Clearly Crafted collection. Clearly Crafted is made for babies who are ready to solid foods. We love how their pouches are clear so you can easily see if the puree looks okay to offer your baby. With flavors like apples, guava & beets, and bananas, raspberries & oats, these puree pouches are sure to please.  


after school snack bag


Now that your ToteSavvy is filled with snacks for every member of your family, let's talk about those other little extras that help make after school activities easier. 

Planning on hanging out at soccer or soft ball practice? We suggest packing a blanket or towel inside your ToteSavvy to sit on. Cuyana now offers turkish towels that are completely divine. Made from highly absorbent cotton and bamboo, turkish towels are soft to the touch, lightweight, and large enough to use as a blanket. 

Because these towels are so lightweight and thin, you can easily roll one and place it inside your ToteSavvy. 


diaper bag


Here's the full packing list for our after school essentials:

  • 2 Twist and Super pouches
  • 2 Clearly Crafted pouches¬†
  • Cuyana turkish towel
  • 3 size (4) diapers
  • wet wipes
  • straw sippy cup¬†
  • magazine (inside ToteSavvy's flat pocket!)
  • sunscreen
  • wallet
  • keys
  • cell phone


after school snack


after school snack

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