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Well, it's September. Stores have been pushing "Back to School" stuff for a long time, and now it's finally time to accept it. As a teacher, seeing back to school stuff in July gave me anxiety. I imagine that parents of school aged children feel the same! Target has had their supplies out since July, and Michaels (the worse offender!) has had scarecrows and pumpkins out since late June. #nope



It'll take a little while to get into your routine, but you'll get there - don't worry! Now that school is here, there are a few things you'll want to pack in your ToteSavvy. Here are two scenarios to help you out.


Running Late in the Morning

If it hasn't happened already, it'll happen. It's okay! During the first few weeks, everyone will be trying to get into a routine, including teachers themselves. As adults, sometimes we skip breakfast when we run out of time, however, it's important that our kiddos go to school with a full belly so that they can concentrate and try their best. Here are a few things that will make your mornings easier if you're running late. 


Squeasy Snacker

squeasy snacker, smoothies on the go, no spill cup, no spill cup for toddlers, totesavvy, diaper bag organizer 


Are you sick of me talking about this? Once I find something I like, I stick with it. This thing is amazing. We use it all the time. We actually need to buy a second one! Squeasy Snackers come in three sizes. My daughter uses the 6oz one and gobbles it all right up. Fill yours up with a smoothie and you're all set.


Annie's Yogurt Tubes

annie's yogurt tubes, healthy yogurt, yogurt for kids, snacks for kids, breakfast on the go, totesavvy, diaper bag organizer 


I typically don't give my daughter flavored yogurt (I either leave it plain or put a tiny amount of jam in it) because it's usually too sweet. I can always count on Annie's, though, to provide healthy products. Not only is their yogurt healthier, but their yogurt tubes are made with whole milk which is super important to me. You gotta get some fat into those bodies in order to help with brain development. I find that it's pretty hard to find whole milk yogurt these days, so I'm happy that this is an option.



(re)zip Bags

(re)zip bags, reusable food bags, snacks on the go, school snacks, breakfast sandwich, totesavvy, diaper bag organizer


Lastly, what about a freezer breakfast sandwich? I loathe using zippered plastic bags, and the majority of the time there are better options. Toast this sucker up and toss it into a re(zip) bag and you'll feel like the best mom ever. Saving a plastic bag and feeding your child a meal. Look at you go!



For After School 

Although I don't have a school aged child yet, as a former teacher, I knew that as soon as the kids would leave for the day, I needed a snack to refuel. I imagine that kids are no different. After you get them buckled in, here are a couple of ideas you can use for your kiddos.


Trail Mix Bags

trader joe's trail mix, trail mix for kids, after school snack, back to school, totesavvy, diaper bag organizer


There are so many options for trail mix! You can either make your own and portion it out or buy pre-made bags. Although the pre-made bags can be found in many places, I love how Trader Joe's has a variety of options. If you don't have a TJ's near you, have no fear! You can buy their stuff on Amazon.


Beaba Snack Container

beaba stacker, beaba snack and formula container, snacks on the go, totesavvy, diaper bag oragnizer, after school snacks


You can bring a bunch of snacks in a snack container like this one. Although this container is able to dispense formula, it's able to be used far beyond that. This way, your kid can pick what he or she wants to eat first (or not at all...eye roll).



LP Bottle Bag


If you have more than one kid and need to keep many drinks insulated, our bottle bag is the perfect accompaniment to your ToteSavvy. It fits many sippy or travel cups, and it'll keep your kiddo's drink cold for when they run to you, hot and sweaty, in the pickup line.



Water Wipes

water wipes, body and face wipes,  baby wipes, totesavvy, diaper bag organizer, back to school


I know this isn't food, but, speaking of sweaty kids, even the littlest kids can stink up the car. I love to carry Water Wipes because they're so versatile, and I feel safe using them on my daughter's face and body. Give a wipe or two to your kids, turn on the a/c in your car, and they'll cool right down.


The first several weeks of the school year is fairly chaotic, but just know that everyone is in the same boat.  We're all in this together, and we'll get through it (with a little help from our friend "alcohol")! Have a great start to the school year!


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