Deluxe Changing Kit + Bottle Bag Intro

We're thrilled to announce two brand new products launching this week at Life in Play! Now, as you know, all of our products have been born out of necessity. ToteSavvy was originally created as a tool to easily transform any bag into a diaper bag. With a fantastic response and some amazing customer feedback, we introduced ToteSavvy Mini just 2 years after. Over the past year we've continued to gain crucial customer feedback and requests (thank you!!), which brings us to the launch of two very cool new products. 



deluxe diaper change kit


The first product I'm so pleased to announce is our Deluxe Changing Kit. The idea for a complimentary product to ToteSavvy originated after many of our customers expressed the need for an all-in-one changing station which could be closed and stored inside any handbag (without being very conspicuous). With that seed, we took the best parts of ToteSavvy and minimized them to a quick little kit designed for easy use.

Our Deluxe Changing Kit unsnaps to reveal an elastic pocket (like those found inside ToteSavvy!), a small elastic loop, 2 large elastic loops that can be shortened using Velcro, and a rolled changing mat. The idea behind this kit is to have everything you need to change your baby right at your finger tips.

  • Wet wipes are secured by two large elastic loops– allowing access to wipes without removing the container from the loops. It's also secured down enough to allow wipes to be pulled using one hand.
  • Diaper cream is secured using the small loop. This is also a great spot for hand sanitizer if your baby doesn't require cream!
  • 4-5 disposable or 2 cloth diapers can be stored inside the pocket. If you need more than 2 cloth diapers don't worry, we didn't forget about you!
  • The rolled changing mat easily unfolds and rolls out into a clean surface for your baby to be changed one. When needed, simply unsnap the changing mat and throw it in your washing machine for easy cleaning. 


deluxe baby changing kit

deluxe baby changing mat


 And for a little comic relief when you're literally about to be wrist deep in baby poop we added a screen print quote...


baby changing kit


Located on the outside of our Deluxe Changing Kit, we included an x-large zipper pocket. This pocket can be used for spare clothing, bibs, a small toy or cloth diapers. You can fit up to 4 all-in-one cloth diapers inside this pocket. This means cloth diapering mamas can fit a total of 6 diapers inside this kit! 


diaper changing kit





//   BOTTLE BAG   //


Now, you may be wondering where do I keep my bottle or sippy cup? We created a simple bottle bag to pair with our Deluxe Changing Kit or ToteSavvy! This cool bottle bag is the perfect size for most standard bottles (thin or wide). It can even fit 2 stacked 5oz Tommee Tippee bottles!

Our bottle bag is fully insulated and includes a gold zipper closure. Easily transport breastmilk (fresh or frozen), formula, or milk while keeping it cold. We suggest adding a small freezer pack to extended freshness. 

The best part about this bottle bag is it can be fully washed. Either rinse with soap and water in the sink or throw it in your washing machine before setting it out to air dry. We know spills happen and they can quickly turn into a huge mess. Our bottle bag will give you some piece of mind that spills won't ruin your ToteSavvy or beloved handbag. 


bottle bag


bottle bag


We hope you love these new products! As always, keep sending us your valuable feedback and we'll keep innovating to meet your needs :) 


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