Get Uber Organized with ToteSavvy Labels

We have a new member of the ToteSavvy family....labels! Now you can be even more organized than ever before. As someone who (truly) finds pleasure in labeling and organizing things, this makes me so happy!

Our new labels are sleek enough so that they are easy to read without distracting from the ToteSavvy itself. As parents, we know that your needs may change, which is why each label can be taken off and moved around a couple of times before needing a new one.

Not only that, but we have provided you with a ton of labels! We even provided two different types of labels. One side has labels that are very basic and informative (clothing, toys), and the other side is more playful and clever (entertain me, soothe me).


Not only will the labels make things easier for you, but it’ll be easier for family and caregivers too! Lauren mentioned that there have been times where someone has said something like, “Where is her snack?” and it was hard to describe it to them. Now, someone will be able to find exactly what they need without your help (amazinggggg). In addition, it makes sharing your ToteSavvy with caregivers even easier than before. Since you can now label the pockets to fit your needs, your caregiver will know exactly how to pack your ToteSavvy. Everything will be in place when they hand it back to you!

We love anything that makes our lives just that much easier, and we are so thrilled about our new labels! We hope you will enjoy them, too.



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  • MacKayla

    Hey! What is the brand of diapers pictured with the almond tote savvy? It’s so cute! Love your products and your blog. :)

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