Hottest Handbags for Fall 2017


Can you believe it’s almost Fall? I think most people have mixed feelings about the end of summer. On one hand, you’re sad that the nicer weather is on its way out, your vacations are over, and things are about to get more hectic (especially if you have kids in school). On the other hand, fall means that you’re back to your regular schedule, the kids are back in school (as a former teacher, I could practically feel the wind of parents sprinting away from school after the first drop-off), and, who doesn’t love all of the fall fashion inspiration? I have vivid memories of looking through L.L. Bean and Land’s End catalogs as a child. I couldn’t wait to pick out clothes for the new year! While I do peruse some catalogs that I get in the mail, I typically go online to get ideas because the internet is open 24/7. What’s better to complement fall clothing than a new handbag? Here are my picks for this season.



Tassel Tote, Life in Play ($298)

Life in Play's Tassel Tote checks a ton of boxes on our ideal handbag's must-have list. It's made from genuine leather, includes a shoulder strap, includes stroller straps, converts into a backpack, fully zips closed, and is adorned with tassels. You'll love carrying this multi-tasking tote for fall and well into 2018.  (Best fit: ToteSavvy Original)




Soho Hobo, Botkier ($298)

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I’m on the hunt for a cognac colored handbag, so this one caught my eye. I love how the studded sides add some interest. It has a zipper closure and several inside pockets. This is one of my favorite handbag colors because it goes with absolutely everything, any time of year. (Best Fit: ToteSavvy Original)




Signature Large Tote, Vessel ($175)

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Not only does Vessel make cute handbags, but they are fully customizable as well. And when I say "customizable" I mean that you can pick the color of each section of leather: left, top, bottom, handles, etc.  They have every color of the rainbow. It's crazy! Crazy good, for someone like me who can't seem to ever find what she wants. They also make customizable duffels (I am lusting after one of those!) and golf gear (#notgonnatellmyhusband #hewillwanteverything). I always appreciate a company that gives back to the community or the world at large. Every time a bag is purchased, Vessel will give a backpack to a child in need. So far, they have given 17,776 backpacks out. Each bag actually has a number inside that corresponds to the number of backpacks they have currently given. Wow. (Best fit: ToteSavvy Original)




McGraw Tote, Tory Burch ($398)

tory burch handbag

I love this Port colored bag! Jewel tones will always be wonderful for fall and winter. They add so much warmth and depth to the simplest outfits. The perforation and tassel details are so cute.  I know these tassels will keep my daughter occupied while we are waiting in line, which is always a plus. (Best Fit: ToteSavvy Original)



Medium Reversible Tote, Burberry ($998)

burberry tote diaper bag

Pantone calls this color Grenadine, which makes me want a Shirley temple (with vodka). I personally call this color “poppy” but either way, it’s one of my favorite handbag colors. I have a really old Kate Spade bag that is this color, and I love how it’s not a true fire engine red.  Plus, it's reversible, making this splurge sting a little less. (Best Fit: ToteSavvy Original)




The Atlas, Fount ($719)


There is nothing better than a high quality, leather handbag. Fount makes luxury handbags right over in Ohio. They are determined to revive the American fashion industry, while also ethnically making their bags. When you buy one of their bags, you feel good about it and know that their employees are receiving fair wages and that you are receiving a high-quality bag that will last a lifetime. The handbag straps actually have a lifetime guarantee! That's good news for us moms who pack our handbags to the brim! It also comes with a crossbody strap - YES. (Best fit: ToteSavvy Original)




Mondani Loren Large Tote, Kohl’s ($60)

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Blush colored anything is still on trend, and I have to say, while I’m a little surprised, I am l-o-v-i-n-g it. This bag has a wide, open center in which to place your ToteSavvy. It has two pockets within the bag itself, as well. As you can see, it has a large outside pocket, perfect for things that you need to reach right away (like a snack for someone hangry, whether it be for your child or for yourself).  (Best Fit: ToteSavvy Original)



Quinn Large Tote, Tory Burch ($298)


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Would you look at the color of this bag? So gorgeous. It’s nylon, just like the bag from Target above. I have a different Tory Burch nylon tote that I use as my carryon, and I love how it’s so low maintenance. This color is perfect for fall but will easily transition throughout the seasons. (Best Fit: ToteSavvy Original)




Snap-Close Tote with Front Pockets and Crossbody Strap, Target ($24.99)

I love this bag! This bag is on trend but is classic enough that it won’t look out of place in a few months. I’m also a sucker for a crossbody strap because sometimes it’s necessary when out with a toddler. The outside pockets will be great for things like tissues, snacks, and toys. I’ll be buying this one for myself! (Best Fit: ToteSavvy Mini)

Rivington Convertible Flap Backpack, Henri Bendel ($398)

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This backpack can convert from a handbag to a crossbody bag, to a backpack, in a snap. This bag is so stylish and structured! I love the gold hardware. This backpack has pockets inside, so, combined with your ToteSavvy, you'll be all set for any occasion. This bag comes in three colors: black, dark gray, and port, all of which are absolutely stunning. You can't go wrong! (Best fit: The  ToteSavvy Original fits, but it slightly peeks out the top. If you don't want to see the ToteSavvy at all, ToteSavvy Mini is your best option.)

Are you getting a new handbag for fall? Which one! We want to see!



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