Introducing ToteSavvy: Mermaid

Recently, we launched ToteSavvy in blush and almond. We are so thrilled about those colors. Well, guess what? We have another new color! Mermaid! It is the most beautiful blue-green color that is perfect for spring, summer, and beyond. It adds a great pop of color to your handbag. I love how the bright color makes everything easy to see. It might just be my favorite color so far!

In celebration of our new launch, here are our favorite mermaid themed products for mama and baby.


Swaddle Blanket (LouLou Lollipop, $22) 

How adorable is this blanket? I love the subtle print. It’s made from bamboo so it will be super soft and cuddly. Bamboo is also really breathable, which is wonderful as the weather warms up!


    Isla the Mermaid (Cuddle and Kind, $50) 

    We have the smaller version of this doll and it is so cute! Isla lives in my daughter’s crib so she can snuggle with her at night. The best part is that her cousin (her BFF) is also named Isla! Needless to say, the doll is a hit with us.

      Mermaid Flexi Yoga Pants (Flexi Lexi, $59) 

      You know how your kids are always trying to be like you? Here’s an adorable pair of yoga pants for your mini. The best part is that you can grab a matching pair for yourself! Love it!


      Pacifier clip (PaciCatchers, $5) 

      I can tell you, from experience, that my daughter wore a paci clip all day every day for a longgggg time. These paci clips are such a lifesaver! Not only do they prevent pacifiers from dropping to the floor, but your kid can use them at their leisure (making it one less thing you’re in charge of).


      Bandana Bib (SnuggleUpButtercup, $6.39) 

      I love bandana bibs! They go high up on the neck (offering more protection), and they’re much more stylish than traditional bibs. They’re great for both teething and eating. I love the serene mermaid print on this bib!



      Hair Oil (Captain Blankenship, $34) 

      We love the combination of these nourishing oils for your hair! Hair oil is so versatile. You can use it for frizziness, dry ends, fly aways, and for some extra shine! Nothing feels as luxurious as a having healthy, shiny hair.

      Mermaid Bra Shirt (Thread Tank, $25.99) 

      Love the mermaid look, but want to be a little more covered up? This shirt has a laid-back, but feminine vibe to it. Pair it with some cutoffs and sandals and you’re ready to hit the beach!


      Mermaid Kisses Lotion (Shore Soap Co., $20) 

      Combining scents of musk, citrus, and florals, keep this calming candle at your desk or by your bedside. The bottle is too beautiful to keep tucked away in a drawer!


      Are you excited for ToteSavvy in mermaid? What color handbag would you pair with it?

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        Wow.. various types of mermaid things available. I like all mermaid theme things but my favourite is Mermaid Flexi Yoga Pants & swaddle blankets because making a designing a superb mermaid pattern on those clothes.

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