Jetsetter Essentials

1. ToteSavvy - If you struggle to find what you need in an overpacked handbag, you need ToteSavvy. Our multi-functional organizer keeps everything in place while making it easily accessible by just reaching in. The idea behind ToteSavvy came about after a long and hectic flight with a newborn baby. For that reason alone we know it will make for the perfect travel companion!

2. Celine Luggage Tote - We love love love this handbag! Now it definitely costs a pretty penny but if you're willing to shell out the extra cash for this gorgeous handbag you won't be disappointed. We especially love it for travel because it's the type of handbag that looks awesome with just about anything. You could wear a cashmere romper (which completely resembles pj's) and still look effortlessly chic. Another plus is this handbag will likely be the only handbag you need on your trip.

3. Smythson Travel Wallet - This classic wallet is perfect for travel because it boasts organization for your credit cards, passport, cash (divided for different currencies) and much more. In our opinion it's a travel necessity!

4. Chanel Lip Balm - Airplanes are notorious for causing dehydration and dry skin. Keep you lips soft and supple with Chanel's decadent lip balm. It's also fun to carry a little Chanel around with you ;)

5. Tom Ford Body Lotion - Similar to the aforementioned, keep you skin moisturized with Tom Ford's body lotion. The scent is amazing which will keep you smelling pleasant throughout your trip.

6. Tieks - These are seriously the best flats you'll ever buy. They're impeccably well-made, stylish and come in an array of great colors. Best of all, they fold flat and easily pack away into your handbag. If you don't wear these are your go-to flats for travel (and everything else!) definitely pack them in your handbag just in case the shoes you're wearing start to hurt your feet. You'll be very glad you have these comfortable flats to change into.

7. Henri Bendel West 57th Wheelie - We adore Bendels and just about everything they sell. This great suitcase is perfect for any trip because of it's luxurious style and quality craftsmanship. We love choosing a suitcase in a different color than the norm (aka black) making it easier to find it on the luggage carousel. This burgundy color is perfectly stylish and easy to spot in a sea of black bags. Win win!

8. Mochi Underwear Pouch - When it comes to suitcase organization, this undergarment organizer is greatly helpful. It holds the shape of your bras so they don't distort inside your suitcase. It even has a sleeve for dirty items. Be sure to put this on your must-have list for your next trip!

9. Henri Bendel Eye Mask - If you plan on taking a snooze on your flight, you'll want to pack Henri Bendel's eye mask inside your handbag. It's cashmere body feels luxurious on your face, and the added bonus of cooling gel inserts make this eye mask better than the rest. 

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