ToteSavvy Mini Packing Tips

Hello Lovelies!! This week we're excited to share with you our favorite packing tips for ToteSavvy Mini. Our Mini is a great option if you're looking to pack light and carry a small / medium size handbag. The Mini is just under 9" tall (height) which makes it a perfect fit for most handbags. It includes features found in our original size ToteSavvy like an insulated pocket, key clasp, changing mat and flat pocket! 

Getting down to it, here are a few ways we like to pack baby / toddler essentials inside ToteSavvy Mini... 




Beverage vs. Snacks


Our insulated pocket is perfect for keeping contents cool longer than the standard pocket. We like using this pocket for sippy cups, bottles and stackable snack towers. When traveling this stackable container by Innobaby is the perfect snack holder for healthy options like tofu, cubed cheese, fruit or even vegetables. Or.. goldfish crackers and grapes because, let's be honest, those are snacks we know our kids will actually eat!


diaper bag organizer




Two ways to pack them


One of the perks of packing light, is leaving the house with a small portion of diapers and wipes. We've found once your baby is in the toddler stage (12months - 2 years) you can get away with only packing 1-2 diapers and a small package of wet wipes. 

ToteSavvy Mini is versatile enough to allow for two different ways to pack your diapers and wipes. The first it to slip them inside the flat pocket (middle of the insert). The second is to place them inside the same ToteSavvy pocket. 

Both ways work great. Do what works best for you! 


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Roll vs. Fold Flat


When packing a spare outfit for your little one, you're left with two great options. The first it to fold the outfit flat and slip inside ToteSavvy Mini's inner flat pocket. The second option is to roll the outfit together and slide into one of the regular tall pockets. 

Again, both options work great. Do what what's easiest for you!



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Contain the smaller items in your diaper bag


ToteSavvy's two small pockets are perfect for items like, a small sippy cup (Avent), bottle (Tommee Tippee), diaper cream, sunscreen (love this one by Goddess Garden!), and packaged snacks. They also fit small toys, pacifiers and even items for mama! 


diaper bag organizer insert




Keys vs. Toys


While the obvious choice is to hook your keys on the key clasp, we've found our key clasp to be useful in other ways too. If your ToteSavvy pockets are already full but you have an extra toy to bring along, use a tether to hold the toy and attach it to your key clasp. When baby is ready to play with the toy, simply unclip it from your ToteSavvy and secure it to your baby's clothing. No more toys on the floor! 


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