Millennial Moms Are Ditching Their Diaper Bag


At the very moment you find out you’re pregnant, your mind begins to plan and imagine motherhood. You get excited over little nursery details like matching the changing pad cover to the crib sheet, or picking the perfect diaper pale.You spend hours test driving more strollers than you can count, before selecting the perfect one. Fully equipped with features you never knew existed in strollers. A special umbrella made specifically to shade my child? Yes please!!


Then the time comes to select your diaper bag. You go into it with high hopes, determined to find the one fashionable diaper bag. After a few underwhelming hours you decide to call it a day and turn your focus towards that large tote you’ve been coveting for months. Push presents are a thing right?? Done and done! Goodbye cliché diaper. Hello gorgeous vessel for diapers and cute little socks. That’s all you need in there right??


There has been a trend emerging among mothers for years. Moms are opting to ditch the typical diaper bag for a trendy tote or satchel that’s large enough to become their “mom bag”. They see the possibility in a large bag and ultimately decide style should take precedent over utility. Unfortunately, as much as a giant empty vessel sounds like a fantastic idea for a diaper bag, the practicality of it is majorly lacking. There is a reason diaper bags are designed with numerous exterior pockets, and made from fabrics like nylon. While practicality may not have been a selling feature before, motherhood turns your world upside down and makes you realize utility is actually pretty awesome.


This “designer baby bag” trend follows in parallel with the overall trend of not letting motherhood redefine your sense of self and personal style. Instead, moms are more in-tune with blending their former life with their newly found motherhood. The key to making this work is to have tools at your disposal which help provide utility without sacrificing style.


ToteSavvy happens to be one of those tools which blends functionality with style. You can confidently buy that gorgeous giant vessel of a handbag, firmly knowing ToteSavvy will give you the organizing power you need. Heck, ToteSavvy can even turn that Celine Phantom tote (you know you’ve had your eye on it!) into a fully functional diaper bag. Now that’s what we call a push present!! #goals ;)


The style with utility trend (as we like to call it) is relatively new and one that was born out of necessity in the marketplace. Brands like Mama & Little are designing swoon-worthy jewelry that doubles as a teether. Baby carrier wraps, like those found at Solly Baby, are now stylized enough to make baby-wearing a major fashion statement. As more brands and products emerge, it becomes easier for moms to find their unique style and carry it through motherhood.


Millennial moms are savvy and seeking more than just the basics for their family. We have to say, we love the challenge and are honored to be a part of this emerging trend and movement. Anything that makes a mom feel great about herself, and adds a little “i’m feelin’ hot” pep in her step, is okay by us.


Stay fabulous mamas!

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