Our Favorite "Mom Hack" Products


Like ToteSavvy itself, many baby products were developed by moms out of pure necessity. They needed something that they couldn’t find, so they developed the product themselves. We always love to support other products that were developed by moms, so here are our latest favorites.

1. The Pop (Doodle & Co., $9.99) This is a silicone pacifier that, when dropped, folds up inside itself so that it doesn’t get dirty. Babies touch everything and are exposed to enough germs already, so let’s at least make their pacifier be something clean and safe to suck on!

2. DockATot Deluxe (DockATot, $175) Everyone is raving about Dock-a-Tots! You can use them anywhere, and I know many people who even use them inside their babies’ cribs. They have become so popular that they are even made in a larger size for toddlers to enjoy! I love how they provide a safe and secure place to sleep.

3. Lotus Travel Crib (Guava Family, $189.95) This portable crib is not only very light in weight, but it’s easy to set up (making it a total winner). When you’re traveling, the last thing you need to lug around is a heavy crib that requires precious time to set up.  Plus, we love the sleek look of this crib as well!

4. Silicone Teething Necklace (Mama & Little, $25) It’s no secret that we love Mama and Little products. Their products are fashionable for mom, yet completely baby friendly. Their necklaces and bracelets offer a variety of options, and they even have pacifier clips as well!

5. Faucet Extender (Aqueduck, 2 for $9.99) This faucet extender comes in handy many times a day! Although my two and a half year old is on the taller side, our bathroom sink is still a little hard to reach (even with this Ikea stool). The faucet extender brings the water out so that my daughter can wash her hands easier and be more independent. And if a toddler wants anything, it’s to be more independent!

6. Original One-Size Diaper (bumGenius, $17.95) I have a few friends who cloth diapered, and I do know that it’s an investment up front! The last thing you want to do is buy more cloth diapers as your child grows. These cloth diapers have so many different snaps that they will grow with your child, all the way up to 35lbs! Bum Genius also gives back to local communities so that families do not have to “choose between diapers and food,” which is a decision many families unfortunately have to make.

7. The Boogie Wipes (Boogie Wipes, $3.99) We have all been there: our kid has a bad cold, and has a stuffy, crusty nose to match. Their tiny noses can only take so much blowing and rubbing before they are raw and chapped. These saline wipes help break down their “boogies” so that cleaning their noses is less of an ordeal.

8. Classic Wrap (Solly Baby, $65) I exclusively used our Solly wrap for the first 4 months of our daughter’s life. She loved that thing so much! It honestly got to the point where I would “get dressed” for the day (read: put on a nursing tank and yoga pants) and then just put on the wrap at the same time, because I knew she’d be in and out of it all day.

9. Squeasy Snacker (Squeasy Gear, $13.99) I love our Squeasy Snacker so much! I actually just used it yesterday, when we had our first really warm spring day. We were headed somewhere right after my daughter’s nap, so I whipped up a smoothie (bananas, strawberries, plain yogurt, cauliflower, hemp seeds, and bee pollen - it was delicious, I promise) and put it in the insulated pocket of my ToteSavvy so that my daughter could enjoy it in the car.

10. Yumbox Panino (Yumbox, $28) My daughter will be heading off to preschool in the fall, so I am on the hunt for a good lunch box. I love how there are sectioned off containers (with a tiiiiiiny one for a special treat, love this). The plastic tray lifts out for easy cleaning. The cute little pictures at the bottom add a playful flair to lunchtime.




Do you have any of these products? Are there any you'd like to try? Let us know!

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