Our Favorite Push Presents

Having a baby is such a special, momentous occasion! While “push presents” are, by no means, a hard and fast rule, they are a nice treat for a new mom. We rounded up our favorites. There’s sure to be something here that you would love!

  • Personalized jewelry - There are so many options out there, nowadays. So much so, actually, that I have been slightly paralyzed by all of the beautiful choices! I’ve done the legwork for you and came up with a few options. I am in love with this Etsy shop. I have favorited so many of their things! The prices are really reasonable, too. I also love Sarah Chloe’s things. I have a bracelet with my initial, my grandma’s initial, and my mom’s initial. I bought one for each of them as well, and it’s one of my favorite jewelry items. It’s such high quality! Made by Mary has wonderful pieces as well. Between these three shops, there is so much variety!
  • A luxury handbag - now that you’re about to be carrying a lot of stuff around, why not get a new handbag to house everything? I love the look of this sleek Prada tote. I love its wipeable exterior, and, naturally, a ToteSavvy will fit perfectly inside.
  • Another band for your wedding set - I love the look of having a band sitting on the other side of your engagement rings. You can go for a streamlined look and have the same band, or you could go with something complimentary (your child’s birthstone, perhaps). It’s something special to add to something that is already so symbolic.
  • A new cell phone - I will admit that this idea may seem a little strange at first glance. However, we all know that the newest phones have the best cameras! You’re going to be taking thousands of pictures of your sweet little babe, so why not make sure they’re the best quality available?
  • A year of massages - Sometimes the best gifts aren't "things". I can only speak for myself, but those rare moments when I was able to get away from motherhood and do something special, even for just an hour, were so wonderful. Knowing that you have a massage to look forward to every month might just get you through those middle of the night feedings.
  • A spa weekend - This could be for yourself and your partner, or it could be for you and your girlfriends. You could even go solo! There are lots of possibilities. Pick something closer to home so you can maximize your time at your destination. Treat yourself to a couple’s massage or a facial. Some time away will make you feel like a new person.

Did you get a push present, or do you have one in mind for the future?


photo credit: @tracitaylorcollective


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