Our Favorite Toddler Snacks

I think we can all agree that calming a hungry toddler without food is pretty much the most difficult thing to do. It's equivalent to bathing a cat, herding monkeys, or trying to catch a flying squirrel. 

The best way to keep yourself from dealing with said toddler is to equip your diaper bag with enough snacks to last 10 days. No joke... this is one area you don't want to under-pack. 

We suggest packing a wide variety of snacks to keep your littlest one content. From squeezers to bars to crackers, it's in your best interest to have each snack category on-hand at all times. Ella's Kitchen makes this super easy with their collection of healthy and organic snacks. Here's what we pack inside ToteSavvy for a long outing.. 




 snacks inside totesavvy

Pack your fresh fruit and crackers inside a snack container like the one pictured by Innobaby



totesavvy diaper bag insert


The great thing about all of these snacks is they pack up easily and can stay in your ToteSavvy all day without worry. We love to have snacks on-hand at all times and like to pack in advance (like the night before!). Ella's Kitchen makes it convenient to grab a handful of puree pouches or Nibbly Fingers, organize them inside your ToteSavvy, and go.   

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