Packing ToteSavvy Mini for an Infant (0-9 months)

Newborns to 9 month olds tend to require the most paraphernalia when venturing outside of the house. But don't worry! 

ToteSavvy Mini can carry it all, keeping you fabulously organized all day long. Here's what we're packing inside our Mini for maximum diapering power ;)



  • 1 clean outfit – smartly rolled together and slipped inside ToteSavvy Mini's large pocket
  • 2 Tommee Tippe bottles – complete with formula stored inside the bottles thanks to these cool containers.
  • If you're nursing, swap the bottles for nipple cream, and breastmilk absorbing pads
  • 1 package of travel wipes – opt for the thinner travel pack to save room
  • 3 disposable diapers (plenty for an outing of 3 hours or less)
  • 1 pacifier
  • 1 teether toy
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Notepad
  • Keys

You're probably thinking, "well what about my wallet and cell phone?". These items can be slipped next to ToteSavvy inside your handbag. There is generally a little room around the insert for extras like those. 



  1. Place your diapers and wipes in the same pocket
  2. Combine smaller items together like your pacifier and toy– both can be stored in the same small pocket
  3. Roll clothing together so it can easily slip into the pocket
  4. Clip your keys on the key clasp
  5. Utilize the flat inner pocket for a notebook, checkbook or even a slim wallet



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  totesavvy mini for newborn

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diaper bag organizer mini

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baby bag insert

diaper bag insert organizer


ToteSavvy Mini may be the petite one in the ToteSavvy family, but it packs a big punch and can even carry everything you need for your littlest kiddo.

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