The Evolution of ToteSavvy

While we do talk about ToteSavvy being crucial for a new mother to organize all of her stuff, ToteSavvy is versatile enough to be useful in toddlerhood and beyond. Here are some ways to use your ToteSavvy for years to come.

When you have an infant, you need an endless amount of stuff, even for a simply run to the grocery store. The burp cloths, diapers, feeding supplies, blankets, and spare outfits can be really overwhelming. ToteSavvy has many different sized pockets that will fit any baby item you may need to carry around with you. Best of all, you’ll have space to carry your stuff as well.

Fast forward to a couple of years later. You are in the throes of toddlerhood. While you may need to carry less stuff, you still will need a bunch of things for your child(ren). My daughter requires a buffet of snacks to choose from, and I typically always have to carry a jacket around because she refuses to wear one. I will carry some books and toys to keep her occupied so she doesn’t lose her shit in the checkout line of Target. I no longer carry diaper or a change of clothes in my handbag, but I do carry other stuff that I didn’t when she was an infant. And, not to mention, when you start potty training you will be back to carrying all the stuff with you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Luckily, that stage won’t last forever.

A few years after that, your kiddo will be in elementary school! They’ll get into your car at the end of the day famished and sweaty, ready for a snack. You will likely play chauffeur as your drive your child to after school activities. Your ToteSavvy pockets can accommodate a whole array of things - a sports uniform, a book of songs for piano practice, or supplies for their art lesson. Pockets are accessible, so your child will be able to pack their own stuff in your ToteSavvy, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. And what about field trips? If you volunteer to chaperone one, your pockets can hold a whole day’s worth of stuff for you and your kiddo.

And what about yourself? Over the holidays my husband and I took a kid-free trip to Boston. I delightfully emptied my ToteSavvy of all things kid related and packed it full of stuff to get me through my flight. And this summer, I’ll be using it by the beach and pool, with or without kids.

There are so many ways to make ToteSavvy work for you! It really is a blank canvas, ready to support you in whatever you choose to do. Like Ina Garten says, “What’s better than that?”

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