Tips for Packing your ToteSavvy

Here at Life in Play we have a lot of experience packing ToteSavvy. Through personal use and fantastic suggestions from our customers, we've put together a video to showcase some of our favorite ways to pack each pocket. In the world of baby gear, we know there are different shapes and sizes to every item you need to pack. We're happy to illustrate some of these differences, and suggest the appropriate pocket to use, in order to make your life easier. 

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In case you're more of a written word type of person, we've highlighted some of our favorite tips from the video below. 


Tip #1 – The Insulated Pocket Isn't the Only Pocket Great for Sippy Cups

Our insulated pocket is great for sippy cups and bottles, however, if you have multiple kids or twins and would like to pack more than one cup, we suggest utilizing the small pockets inside ToteSavvy. You can stack two sippy cups (one in each pocket) while freeing up space for other items in your remaining pockets. 


Tip #2 – Invest in a Stacking Snack Tower

The absolute best way to pack snacks inside your ToteSavvy is inside a snack container. The tower shape is perfect for our pockets and easy to simply pull out when your kiddo gets hungry. One of our favorite snack towers is by Innobaby


Tip #3 – If You Don't Think You'll Change 8 Diapers While Out, Don't Pack 8 Diapers

It can sometimes be hard to anticipate what you'll need when out and about with baby. When they're newborns it's usually better to be safe and overpack, but after about 6 months you can get away with scaling down. To save room inside your ToteSavvy the wipes and diapers can go inside the same pocket. If you're only popping out of the house for an hour or so and your little one isn't going through a diaper a hour then you can safely pack two diapers without worry. 

You'll want to pack extra diapers (using separate pockets for both diapers and wipes) when traveling or on-the-go for an extended period of time. 


Tip #4 – Roll Outfits for a Great Fit Inside ToteSavvy's Pockets

Rolling your child's spare clothing is a fantastic idea all around. The rolling technique saves a lot of space and is generally recommended when packing a suitcase as well. Depending on the size your child is wearing you can roll either one or two outfits together to fit inside one pocket. 


Tip #5 – The Large Velcro Pocket Fits Almost Anything

From cloth diapers to folded clothing to spare disposable diapers (like when traveling), our velrco pocket is the best pocket to use when you're looking to pack a larger item or stack of items. It has the largest pocket capacity and can fit a wide variety of shapes. 


Tip #6 – Our Flat Pocket is Perfect for Digital Tablets, Notebooks and Coloring Books

Don't overlook ToteSavvy's flat pocket. It's great for packing coloring books, a digital tablet, or a notebook. We've also seen customers use it for spare clothing, large wallets, and diapers. This pocket is another one that can be used for numerous applications. 



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