Toddler Packing List

toddler packing list

Your little is now mobile and you're officially in the toddler phase. While it may seem like you'll need to carry less around with you on a daily basis, the opposite is likely true. Toddlers require a lot of essentials to keep them clean, dry, fed, and entertained. It's exhausting just thinking about it! 😅

Our toddler packing list will keep your toddler calm and content (at least until they see a squirrel) throughout the day. The secret is to pack a variety of snacks, entertainment, and a few "just in case" necessities like a first aid kit. You never know when your little one will fall or just want to cover their body in band-aids for fun. 




toddler packing list

toddler essentials



With a complete list like this one, we recommend using ToteSavvy Original or Deluxe to get the most capacity out of your organizer. In the below example we're using ToteSavvy Original in Almond. It's the perfect size for everything on our packing list and fits nicely inside any large tote. You can swap for Deluxe if you like to carry cold drinks or perishable snacks. The cooler pocket in Deluxe is great for carrying anything that needs temp control! 


toddler diaper bag

toddler diaper bag packing list


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