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A couple of months ago I started to hunt for the perfect beach and pool bag. It had to be something large enough to carry the massive amount of stuff needed to take small children to the pool (and, if I remember, stuff for me too). I wanted it to be cute, functional, and of good quality. Funnily enough, I had not yet completed my search when I was able to try out Logan and Lenora’s Carryall tote. Let’s just say that my search for the perfect pool tote is over.

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Logan and Lenora has so many different and stylish options for moms. They have clutches, wet bags, and a variety of totes. What I love is that everything comes in the same selection of prints so you can buy everything to match (or complement each other). Their palm print is so on trend but is classic enough that you’ll be enjoying it for years to come. The fabric is sturdy and has a wipeable interior and exterior. One thing I hadn’t seen before is a waterproof pocket for storing wet items. Why isn’t everyone doing that?

As far as what I pack to go to the pool (or beach), where do I begin? I feel like I pack so. much. stuff. It’s times like these where ToteSavvy is really put to the test (and passes with flying colors, of course).


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First, I always want to make sure my daughter is protected from the sun. Sunscreen is a must! We love Babyganics, and it fits perfectly into a ToteSavvy pocket.

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I bring our trusty iPlay toddler Flap Sun Hat and I put my daughter in a SwimZip bathing suit. Along the lines of, “Why isn’t everyone doing that?” I wish people would make diaper changing easier when kids are wearing swimsuits! I was not down with struggling to remove tight, wet bathing suits in order to change a diaper. Thankfully iPlay makes a snap swim diaper (the only kind we have ever used) and paired with an easy-access zip-down swim suit, diaper changing is super easy. Both companies make such adorable patterns!  

toddler sun hat, iplay toddler flap hat, best sun hat for toddlers

iplay swim diaper, reusable swim diaper, cute swim diaper

My daughter had this bathing suit last year and it worked so well. This year she got promoted to this adorable combo and I am still figuring out her second suit to buy.

swim zip, bathing suits for toddlers, zip bathing suit

I also want my daughter’s eyes to be shielded from the sun, so I have her wear some adorable Babiators. The name gets me every time. So funny!

babiators, toddler sunglasses, best toddler sunglassesYou can’t forget about pool toys! My daughter is very into vehicles, whether they’re on land or water, so the Boat Parade Pool Toy is right up her alley. She isn’t old enough to be diving down to get toys underwater, but these jellyfish are so cute.

pool toys, melissa and doug pool toys, boat pool toys

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She uses a tiny inner tube during her swim lessons, so I’m considering getting her one to use at home.

toddler innertube, innertube for kids

After she’s had enough of the pool, I wrap her up in a giant towel by Yikes Twins. Oh, what I would give to have a towel be that big on me! I love seeing her all bundled up after a swim. I always quickly change her out of her iPlay swim diaper and into a regular diaper.

yikes twins towel, beach towels for kids, cute towels for kids

Baby powder is a must in order for her to stay dry and comfortable. Plus, when you’re at the beach, the baby powder will get the sand right off. Seriously!  

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When we’re hanging out around the pool, I love a cute coverup. This zip down one was inexpensive and right up my alley.

old navy, terrycloth coverup, pool coverup for kids

My daughter has a big appetite, so I always have some fruit, crackers, and granola bars on hand. I wish she would just stick to one kind so I knew what to buy! Instead I’m stuck buying a new kind every other week. That’s toddlerhood, for you! I pack her some ice water in her Foogo Thermos and slip it into the insulated ToteSavvy pocket.

thermos for kids, foogo thermos, toddler drink container

Is that everything? I certainly hope so - I’m not sure how much more my back can take! It’s been warming up in the Bay Area recently and we’ve already been to the pool twice this week. Happy swimming!

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