Using ToteSavvy with Coco+Kiwi


In my last post, I talked about how blush is such a versatile, year-round color. I have another blush tote to share with you. It may look like other bags you’ve already seen, but I can assure you that it’s different.

Coco + Kiwi was started by a mom who couldn’t find quality underwear when potty training her son. It has since evolved into a place where you can buy stylish, quality handbags and accessories to make your life easier. I always like to support small businesses, and supporting a mompreneur is the icing on the cake! Our own CEO here at Life in Play is a mompreneur, so it’s a perfect match!

I was fortunate enough to try out the Hello Sunshine Carryall, which is part of their Hello Tosha collection. From the get go, I was excited to try this out. First, I was met with the beautiful blush color that is so practical and versatile. When I found out that it was reversible, I was thrilled! Due to the multicolored pattern, the ToteSavvy colors match perfectly. I have a red one and it looked great.  This tote comes with a crossbody strap (hallelujah!), two pouches, and a cute tassel that my daughter loves to play with at the grocery store (#lifesaver). This bag is also available in black, which reverses to the same beautiful pattern. 

I love how the bag is wipeable, which came in handy when we took it on multiple trips to the park. Spills and sunscreen were not a problem, thank goodness! I love how I can use the pouches for personal items, and if I’m just doing a quick errand I can take one of those and leave the tote in the car. The bag has a wide, open top, making it perfect to use with the ToteSavvy original. If you need a bit more flexibility, the ToteSavvy mini would fit, too.  It would leave room for a towel or a blanket. Either one will work!

Lately, I have been packing my bags pretty full. With the warmer weather, I need extra items such as a hat, sunscreen, and extra water. Whenever my bag is really full I worry about the straps digging into my shoulder. These straps were so comfortable, even when I filled the bag to the brim. Nearly all of my everyday purses have an optional crossbody strap, so I loved how this purse came with one.


Overall, I really love this bag. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a bag that’s good quality and cute. This bag checks off both of those boxes. You’ll look and feel good when you’re out and about with your Hello Sunshine tote. That sounds good to me!

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