What to Pack for a Beach Day With Babies

toss beach bag


If you live in Northern California, you're likely well aware of Toss Designs and their extensive collection of totes, pool bags, beach bags, shopping bags, and so much more.

I had the pleasure of testing out their Sea Worthy Boat Bag while on vacation with my family in Hawaii. It truly was a pleasure due to it's extra large capacity, heavy duty canvas material, and super cute sailboat print. There was a lot to love about this tote and it quickly became our go-to bag. Halfway through the trip I realized I never even unpacked my Longchamp Le Pliage tote (gasp!) which I always pack in our suitcase, and typically find to be my favorite handbag for running between pool and beach.


toss beach bag


Seeing that this wasn't our first beach trip with babies, we had a pretty good idea of what to pack inside our ToteSavvy and beach bag for a fun and safe day in the sun. Now that I've successfully taken 1 year old twins and a 3 year old on numerous beach outings, I feel that I'm educated enough to offer tips :)

Sunscreen is absolutely a necessity when spending time at the beach. We loved using a combo of sunscreens on our kiddos. Babyganics makes a great mineral based sunscreen that doesn't leave a chalky white residue. It may at first, then quickly absorbs after allowing you to ensure every inch of skin is covered. We also brought the Honest Mineral Sunscreen which blends into the skin easily and seemed to work quite well on our daughter's sensitive skin. These creams were great for full body coverage and even necks and ears.

For their faces I opted for Babo Botanical's Clear Zinc Sport Stick. The stick goes on clear and is thick enough to give me peace of mind that my little babies' faces won't look like lobsters at the end of the day. 

I also like to carry a spray sunscreen along for quick touch-ups on my feet, legs and back. I severely burnt my feet once when I was a teenager so now I make sure every inch of skin is covered in sunscreen... even my toes ;)

Next to the arsenal of sunscreen, I packed water and snacks for the kids. I love using my Innobaby Snack Tower for beach outings. Each compartment snaps off and can act as a snack cup. 


beach diaper bag


On the other side of my ToteSavvy I packed disposable diapers, wet wipes, diaper rash cream, cornstarch (packed inside a baby powder bottle) and my travel wallet. 

Cornstarch is a HUGE must when traveling to the beach with kids. Dust it over your baby's sand-covered skin to easily wipe away the excess sand. Works like a charm!


beach day with babies


On the outside of my ToteSavvy I packed applesauce squeezers and sun hats (inside the Velcro pocket). The Velrco pocket is also great for packing an extra set of clothing! 


baby bag insert


For this trip I decided to pack the extra sets of dry clothing inside the flat pocket after seeing some of our customers utilize the pocket this way. I have to say, it's a great use for it! I packed two outfits (one for each twin) inside the flat pocket. They were easy to access and stayed sand-free until we needed them.


baby bag insert beach


All in all the combo of the Toss beach bag and ToteSavvy made for a fantastic diaper / beach bag. We had a great trip while staying organized!



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