What's in my ToteSavvy: Summer Edition

totesavvy diaper bag organizer

It's almost officially summer time! Your ToteSavvy packing list will undoubtedly change along with the season which is why we're spilling our bags (literally!) to show you what two ToteSavvy pros are packing for summer. ☀️


What's Inside Lauren's ToteSavvy

I like to keep my ToteSavvy stocked during the summer months because we tend to plan activities on a moments notice. From a simple coloring book to extra snacks and sun protection, I'm always ready for an eventful day. A few of my favs are listed below! 

totesavvy insert organizer 


  • Sunscreen: A warm weather must! I love Think Baby sunscreen and carry their face stick along with a small bottle (3oz) of their lotion. 
  • Swell Bottles: I'm always packing water with me whether it's an extra large bottle for everyone to share or individual bottles for all. I use the original Swell bottles for myself and the Sip by Swell bottles for my kids. 
  • Snacks: We're always on the go all summer long which means if I don't want to serve my kids' endless fast food I have to pack snacks. I love packing a LunchBots large bento with healthy snacks. I avoid foods that need refrigeration and opt for healthy crackers, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. These types of snacks also keep my kids full longer! Bonus: This bento box fits inside ToteSavvy's Velcro pocket perfectly!
  • Makeup/SPF powder: I was recently introduced to Sweat Cosmetics and their mineral foundation with SPF and am IN LOVE. The compact container has a brush attached making it easy and mess free to touch up your face while adding sun protection. They also have a bronzer and translucent powder with SPF!
  • Diaper Buddy Kit: This kit has basically every emergency item you would ever need in a compact case. It fits inside one of ToteSavvy's small pockets and comes in handy when I need a bandage, lotion, or thermometer. 
  • Hats: I always throw a hat for each child in my ToteSavvy. If the hat isn't too structured it will fit inside the flat pocket. 
  • Pull-ups + wet wipes: My two littlest kiddos (twins!) are still potty training so I pack at least 3-4 spares plus a full package of wet wipes. 
  • Hand sanitizer: Because kids touch everything...
  • Crayons and coloring book: My kids get restless easily so I bring coloring basics with us everywhere. It always comes in handy. 



What's Inside Hilary's ToteSavvy

It is just barely starting to warm up in the Bay Area, and I am so ready for summer weather! Although I always have the bare necessities, here are some things I always have in my bag for summertime:


totesavvy summer essentials


  • Sunscreen: Fortunately for me, highly rated Pure Sun Defense sunscreen is a) very inexpensive and b) has “Paw Tro” (Paw Patrol) on the front, so my daughter actually gets excited to use it. I typically put some in a small travel bottle so I don't tote around the whole thing.
  • A hat: Most of the time, my daughter is good about keeping her hat on. Is this the cutest and most stylish hat I’ve ever seen? Not particularly, but it offers lots of face and neck protection which is important to me.  A.J. also has the cutest little Nike ball cap that she wears, too.
  • Snacks: I feel like kids are hungrier after they’ve been playing in the heat, so I make sure to pack a lot of snacks. We love Costco’s applesauce pouches. We’ve been using these reusable bags for so many different kinds of food - crackers, fruit and veggies, energy balls, you name it! I like how one side is clear. They hold a ton! We also drink a lot of smoothies in the summer, so I’ll be using our Squeasy Snacker. Lauren even suggested putting it in the freezer the night before, that way it slowly thaws throughout the day while you’re in the hot sun. Brilliant!
  • Water: This insulated Thermos container keeps your drink cold. A huge selling point for me was that it’s very easy to clean.
  • Sunglasses: Whether they’re Babiators or hand-me-down Doc McStuffins (like ours are), we keep a pair of sunglasses lying around to take with us. Luckily, she’s very much into “accessorizing” right now, so hats and sunglasses are often requested by my daughter.
  • Wipes: I always have wipes with me, but I definitely carry more in the summertime. They’re good for wiping away sweat and dirt and are a nice refresher in the hot summer sun. For this purpose, I prefer Water Wipes because they’re the wettest natural wipes I’ve found. Since they’re practically just water, I don’t feel weird about rubbing them on our skin.
  • A sarong: I’m looking forward to doing some impromptu picnicking this summer! For a more formal––thought out picnic––I love to use this foldable blanket. But for something on the fly, a sarong works just fine. It’s thin and rolls up nicely.
  • Band-aids: Admittedly, I tend to forget to pack band-aids. However, in the summer they’re a must. With bare feet and less clothing, there’s bound to be some scrapes. Our band-aids are, you guessed it, Paw Patrol.


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