Baby Bags for Stylish Moms & Dads

A well-made baby bag is a staple for any parent—but they haven’t always been associated with great style. The baby bags of the past were functional (with tons of pockets and clips and pouches) and durable (often looking more like something an international correspondent would lug around a war zone than something you’d like to bring to a play date). But they weren’t cute...

Until now.

The Life in Play ToteSavvy is not a baby bag. I repeat—it is not a baby bag! It’s something much better: a handbag organizer that turns any handbag into a baby bag.

Imagine the possibilities.

Your favorite Fendi? It’s now a baby bag. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull? Baby bag central. Marc, Kate, Tory—all of your favorite designers are now baby-bag-ready thanks to this ingenious little invention.

Made from extra-durable, waterproof nylon with sturdy walls that won’t collapse in your tote, the ToteSavvy lets you get the heavy-duty extra lifting you need from a baby bag without that plasticky childlike baby bag look. It features:

  • an insulated pocket for warm milk, etc.
  • a key clasp (so you’ll never hunt for those suckers again!)
  • a changing mat
  • a notebook or tablet pocket
  • a "dirty" pocket for all the less-than-clean things a parent needs to stash in a baby bag
  • and 8 other multi functional pockets.

The ToteSavvy is really the future of baby bags. You can check them out at Happy shopping!