Designer Diaper Bag

Tory Burch, Ted Baker, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade… Wouldn’t it be glorious if your favorite fashion icons created designer diaper bags that gave you all the functionality you need as parent and still let you flaunt your personal style?

The dream of the designer diaper bag produced by the pros might not be coming true anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean your style has to suffer! Life in Play produces a designer diaper bag insert that gives you the best of both worlds. Here’s how it works in three easy steps:

  1. Select a handbag to temporarily turn into a designer diaper bag. It can be your longtime favorite or a trendy fling—the wonderful thing about a designer diaper bag insert is that nothing is permanent. Your style can change as often as you’d like!
  2. Pack ToteSavvy with all of your parenting essentials. This durable designer diaper bag insert is washable and waterproof, empowering you to stash everything from snacks and bottles to even dirty diapers (!) inside without threatening to damage your tote.
  3. Slip ToteSavvy inside your bag and head out in style. The world will wonder how you managed to find such a chic designer diaper bag, and you’ll get to repeat the performance daily. You can also hand the designer diaper bag insert off to your partner to slip into another bag or briefcase in a snap.

If you have a collection of cherished handbags, a designer diaper bag insert is the perfect way to power through your diaper bag years without sacrificing style. Check out ToteSavvy today at to get the designer diaper bag of your dreams.