How big is ToteSavvy and how will I know if it fits inside my purse?

ToteSavvy (original size) is 14" wide and just over 10" tall. Our ToteSavvy Mini is 9.5" wide and 8.5" tall. Take a look through our product info page to learn more about how each size will fit inside your handbag. If you're buying a new handbag online, be sure to check the return policy. Not all measurements found online are accurate! 


Will my tote zip close with ToteSavvy inside?

If the zipper of your tote measures at least 11" from the bottom, then your tote should zip without a problem. Please note that some totes have an inset zipper that is 1-3" from the top of the tote.


Will my handbag look bulky with ToteSavvy inside?

This will depend on two values: how you organize ToteSavvy, and the structure of your handbag. If you contain the items you pack in ToteSavvy to the inner pockets, you'll have a sleeker look all around. This method also works very well with handbags that have a narrow depth. For the other value, any handbag that is made of a thick leather material will hide bulges better than a thin nylon or delicate leather material.  A good rule of thumb is not to overpack unless you absolutely need to. If you do require to fully stuff ToteSavvy, opt for a larger handbag with a very wide depth. 


    What size Louis Vuitton Neverfull will ToteSavvy fit inside?

    ToteSavvy fits inside the MM and GM Neverfull, however, the way it fits is different for each tote. Inside the MM, ToteSavvy will fit snugly with the handles peeking out of the tote. Inside the GM, ToteSavvy has room on either side and is fully hidden within the tote. Visit our Instagram page (@totesavvy) to see our insert in both GM and MM sizes. 


    What size Goyard St. Louis Totes will ToteSavvy fit inside?

    ToteSavvy fits within the PM and GM size Goyard tote. Again, the way it fits depends on the size. Inside the PM, ToteSavvy will have little room on either side and the handles may peek out of the tote. Inside the GM, ToteSavvy will be fully hidden and have room on either side for additional items.


    If my handbag has a center compartment, will ToteSavvy still fit?

    We don't recommend pairing ToteSavvy with a tote that has a center divider compartment. Though you may be able to squeeze the organizer on either side, you won't be able to use it to its fullest capacity. We highly suggest choosing a tote that is fully open without dividers. 


    Why is ToteSavvy so tall?

    ToteSavvy was specifically designed to allow for ease of access to each pocket. The height of the organizer allows you to easily reach inside your handbag without digging to the bottom. It also keeps your items perfectly separated and stored without risk of coming out of their compartments. We've personally tested the handbag flip (many times not on purpose!) and found that almost all items were left neatly inside their pockets even after falling upside down. 


    Most organizers collapse inside my handbag, will ToteSavvy do this?

    ToteSavvy will not collapse inside your handbag. It's designed with rigid walls that keep every pocket upright. These walls are slightly moldable and will form to the inside of your purse over time. 


    Can I squeeze ToteSavvy inside a handbag that's less than 14" wide?

    We don't recommend doing this. Though ToteSavvy may fit inside a handbag that is 13" wide, it will compromise the integrity of the structure for both the organizer and your handbag. The Longchamp Le Pliage Large tote, and Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM are exceptions to this rule. 


    Is ToteSavvy washable?  

    ToteSavvy is not machine washable but it can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or disinfectant wipe. Do not put ToteSavvy in your washing machine or submerge under water for any reason.

    Please note: Our soft grey color does discolor easier than our darker colors. Even with normal use, it may not look pristine over time. 


    What's the best way to treat a stain?

    We love spot cleaning with a Magic Eraser. Be careful not to get the eraser too wet before use. You don't want the water to soak through the nylon material. 


    What if milk spills inside one of my pockets? 

    Don't panic! Try to soak up the mess as soon as possible. Use a disinfectant wipe to clean the area and inside of the pocket. To prevent or treat any odor, generously dust baking soda in the pocket and over any area the milk touched. Let sit overnight before shaking baking soda out. 


    My ToteSavvy is starting to bend. Is this normal? 

    It is! In fact, it's actually meant to happen. Our inner wall material is lightweight and moldable to ensure a great fit for your handbag. The slight bend you'll see over time helps to protect your bags from tears due to ToteSavvy's corners. 


    Why does ToteSavvy retail for $65?

    ToteSavvy does come with a higher price tag than many purse organizers found online. Why? We're glad you asked. The materials used to produce ToteSavvy are high quality and compliant with CPSIA regulations and CA Prop 65. You can rest assured that there are no coatings or chemicals applied to our fabrics that could be harmful. The high-end materials are not the only factor in our price-point. The sheer design and structure (patent-pending) of our organizer is also more expensive to manufacture because it requires more time and greater craftsmanship. We spent over 1.5 years in R&D perfecting our design and testing it with real parents. The goal was to create a better organizer that specifically worked as a highly functional diaper bag. We believe we hit the mark!


      Does ToteSavvy come with a warranty? 

      At Life in Play, we strive to design and create high-quality products that our customers will love.

      Our 12-month limited warranty covers product defects for items purchased through Life in Play’s website or an authorized retailer.

      Please note that our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, curving of the structured inner material, discoloration from everyday use, lost changing mats, accidents, spills, or attempted repairs and alternations.

      All items purchased through an unauthorized retailer or a secondhand-seller are not covered under our warranty. 


      Do you ship internationally?

      We do! We ship worldwide. Shipping rates range between $20 to $40 USD. 


      What's the transit time?

      Generally, international orders spend 15 - 20 business days in transit, however, we have seen some international packages take as long as 35 business days to arrive. Please refer to our customer support page for additional information regarding transit time for international orders. 


      Will I have to pay duties or taxes?

      Unfortunately, yes. We are unable to mark packages as gifts to avoid paying duties and cannot reimburse this fee. 


      It's been over 20 business days and my international package has not arrived. Can you help?

      We are unable to help coordinate delivery for international orders. If your package has not yet arrived we recommend contacting your local post office and providing them with your tracking information. Your package is likely being held at the postal office until duties or taxes are paid. 


      How do I return my order if I ordered from outside the US?

      Please email support@lifeinplaycompany.com. We accept returns for unused merchandise within 30 days of receiving your order. International customers must cover return shipping cost. 


      Have more questions for us? Please reach out to us! (support@lifeinplaycompany.com) We're always happy to help :)