Handbag Organizer



A great handbag organizer is a lifesaver—but not all handbag organizers are built the same. At Life in Play, we specialize in stylish handbag organizers for moms, which means our handbag organizers are put to the test by the busiest women we know every single day!

Whether you’re a mom on the go or a woman looking to turn her tote into an organizational masterpiece, here’s what our experts say to look for in the ideal handbag organizer:

  • Versatile: Our handbag organizers are designed specifically for moms (offering an awesome alternative to the plasticky standard diaper bags of yore), but they can be used for anything from travel to pool days, trips to the gym or trips to the office. If your handbag organizer is a one-trick pony, it’s time for an upgrade.
  • Durable: Speaking of years to come… Your handbag organizer should be designed to take a beating—so your handbag doesn’t! It should be constructed from extra-durable material (like nylon) and include waterproof pockets that trap spilled coffee and other potential disasters threatening to ruin your day (and your tote). Which brings us to our last bit of advice on durability: make sure your handbag organizer is washable.
  • Stylish: There’s no point in investing in a handbag organizer if you don’t love how it looks inside of your favorite bags. After all, the point of an organizer is to up your style game while boosting your organization and productivity. So pick a product that’s pretty. It’ll be worth any additional cost to get something you love to use every day.

If you find yourself hunting for hair ties, constantly losing your keys, or thinking there has to be a better way to lug around your Longchamp, check out Life in Play’s collection of handbag organizers.

We promise to get you organized and on your way to fabulous in a flash!