Longchamp Diaper Bag

Dreaming of a Longchamp Diaper Bag?


The Longchamp Le Pliage is a beloved tote that’s pretty much standard-issue for stylish women here in San Francisco. And yet, a Longchamp diaper bag was a distant dream—until now!


The Longchamp diaper bag is a reality thanks to the ToteSavvy, a diaper bag organizer that turns the unstructured tote into the super organized and stylish baby bag you’ve always wanted. Here’s how it works.


The ToteSavvy measures 14” x 10”, which means it fits perfectly inside your large Le Pliage Longchamp diaper bag. The waterproof, super durable insert holds everything you need, from several diapers to a whole pack of wipes, pacifiers, teether toys, and even soiled clothes. The ToteSavvy also comes with a changing mat so you can change a diaper anywhere on the fly—a must-have feature for your Longchamp diaper bag.


Another feature of the ToteSavvy-powered Longchamp diaper bag that you’ll probably become fast-friends with is the insulated pocket that can fit two bottles (or your own water bottle or a sippy cup for an older child). The insert even has a clip for your keys (the most commonly misplaced item in a Longchamp diaper bag!). What more could a busy mom ask for? You can pretty much pack anything you need in the Longchamp diaper bag thanks to the ToteSavvy.


Turns out, the Longchamp diaper bag really is a dream come true. Learn more about how to pack yours in this short video: