The Louis Vuitton Neverfull Diaper Bag Hack

louis vuitton tote as a diaper bag

Oh, Louis Vuitton. You get us. Gorgeous handbags. High quality materials. Luxe details. Plenty of room for all of life’s necessities . . . and stitching that can outlast a tugging toddler.


Yes, some of us LV fans are mothers—and that means we have specific handbag needs. The bad news is that a standard Louis-Vuitton-Neverfull-as-diaper-bag is a little too unstructured to keep a stylish mom on the ball when she’s on the go. Thankfully, pairing it with the ToteSavvy handbag insert works wonders, giving you the Louis Vuitton Neverfull diaper bag look you want without sacrificing your need to be ultra-organized when you’re out with your little ones.


Here’s how it works. The ToteSavvy has dozens of durable, waterproof pockets. It slips perfectly inside your Louis Vuitton Neverfull diaper bag. And it comes in either black or gray, which means you can choose whether you want the insert to match the inside of your Louis Vuitton Neverfull diaper bag or stand out a little. In either color, the ToteSavvy allows you to stash dozens of diapers, a whole pack of wipes, and tons of snacks, toys, sippy cups, and bottles in your Louis Vuitton Neverfull diaper bag—whatever you and the kiddos need while you’re out for the day.


We hope this Louis Vuitton Neverfull diaper bag hack helps you get the perfect baby bag for your style and organizational swagger! For more information, you can learn how to pack your Louis Vuitton Neverfull diaper bag for an infant and a toddler in this short video.