10 Postpartum Recovery Essentials

10 Postpartum Recovery Essentials
Often times, we end up focusing more on what the baby needs versus what we need as new moms to recover. The more we focus on ourselves, especially in those first few days postpartum, the better our recovery will be, and the easier it will be to take care of that sweet newborn baby.
Postpartum is not easy by any means--it's filled with blood, sweat, and tears, cause dang, postpartum hormones are crazy!
We wanted to share our top 10 favorite products that will help your postpartum journey be just a little bit easier.
Postpartum Recovery Essentials
Frida Postpartum Recovery Kit
This kit from Frida Mom has so many amazing essentials that you will find helpful. We know that hospitals usually send you home with a bag full of essentials, but I personally found that the Frida Mom essentials were better than what I received from the hospital, and helped my healing.
From the disposable undies, (I like to call these the fancy ones--you know, the ones you wear when family come over to visit and see the baby in those first couple of weeks) to the Frida Mom Perineal Healing Foam and cooling pads, you will want this kit. The Healing Foam is an actual game-changer, and I highly recommend grabbing an extra one--a few pumps of the Healing Foam on your pad makes everything feel just a little bit better.
Postpartum Recovery Essentials
Clear Pouch Trio Set
The Clear Pouch Trio Set is the key to keeping all of this organized. Whether you have a basket on the back of the toilet or throw everything on the bathroom counter, this set will help you keep your pads, disposable undies, tablets, and cooling kits organized so they're easy to find and grab when you need them.
The best part--you can now choose from the gorgeous crème color or our brand new color--black!
Postpartum Recovery Essentials
Frida Peri Bottle
This is another one of those better than the hospital items. The one the hospital gives you doesn't quite aim the way you need it to, and it doesn't hold as much water. The Frida Peri Bottle squirts at pretty much any angle you need it, it holds plenty of water, and it helps you feel clean and fresh...since hopefully you already know, toilet paper will hurt like a mother.
Frida Sitz Bath Tablets
Oh, the first bath postpartum is the worst and the best all at the same time. The worst--mainly because you don't know what to expect once you hit the water, and the best, because you're finally getting your body clean and refreshed after giving birth. These Sitz Bath Tablets are pre-measured, so you can pop one in a warm bath and relax your way to postpartum healing.
Postpartum Recovery Essentials
Always Discreet Boutique Disposable Undies
You will be fabulous in your disposable undies--it's what all the postpartum moms are wearing. haha! In all seriousness, these undies make postpartum recovery so much easier. A hack to make the undies last longer is to line them with an Always Discreet Boutique PadThis way, you switch out the pad and don't waste the disposable undies each trip to the bathroom.
High-Waisted Undies
When you finally feel ready to upgrade back to regular undies, these ones from Target are so comfortable and stretchy. They don't press into your stomach--especially if you've just had a C-Section.
Postpartum Recovery Essentials
Breast Therapy Ice Packs
Whether you're breast feeding or not, these Ice Packs will be a must-have--at least for the first week or so--even longer depending on your body. Definitely recommend having these on hand!
Nursing/Maternity Bras
You'll want to be comfy and feel supported! These nursing/maternity bras are so comfortable and there is a 6-clasp closure so you can adjust sizing based on your postpartum journey. It also has the easy-access cups for convenient access.
Nursing Pads
These reusable nursing pads will be a game-changer to put in your nursing bra--not only will they keep leaks confined, they will help keep your clothes from being ruined from leaking stains!
Postpartum Recovery Essentials
Tucks Cooling Kit
This cooling kit is heavenly when it comes to postpartum recovery. The pads help to cool and then cream helps to numb and soothe. There's all sorts of things happening down there, and you'll want a little numbing/soothing action.
Microwavable Heating Pad
You would think that the contraction-like cramps would be done after your little ones is born, but, as your body is healing and recovering, you will experience some cramping. A heating pad is so easy to toss in the microwave and it will give you some relief.
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10 Postpartum Recovery Essentials
What are some items that were a must-have in your Postpartum Recovery Kit?
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