ToteSavvy Makes Traveling Painless

Not only is ToteSavvy a fantastic organizer to turn your favorite tote into a fully functional diaper bag. ToteSavvy organizes your essentials, giving you access to them with ease. Quick and easy access to the contents of your handbag is more important than ever when traveling. From getting through security to grabbing a source of entertainment as you wait to board, it makes life easier to have your essential items within arms reach. Fishing through your handbag causing an important document / item to fall out can ruin a great trip fast! 

To ensure your valuables are securely organized within your handbag we recommend using ToteSavvy to organize your carry-on tote bag. There's plenty of room to store everything you need during your flight and even space for a few snacks. Adults get hangry too! 

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ToteSavvy Travel Checklist


Wallet – It's always a good idea to have your wallet within arms reach at all times when traveling. You'll need it to get through security, while grabbing a magazine prior to boarding, and most importantly to pay for that in-flight cocktail ;)

Cosmetic Bag –  Your cosmetic bag should be strategically packed with must-have necessities. We love to include lip moisturizer, deodorant, lip color, mascara, concealer, and BB cream with sunscreen. Should your checked bag get lost, you'll have the basics on-hand! 


organizer for travel

cosmetic bag for travel


Headphones + Phone Charger – These two are pretty self explanatory. Don't leave home without them. We love how ToteSavvy keeps them accessible yet safely tucked away when not in use. 

Hand Sanitizer + Mints + Pen –  Airports are dirty, making hand sanitizer a must. A pack of mints or gum is nice to have especially for a long flight. Tuck a pen in your organizer just in case you decide to tackle the crossword puzzle in-flight ;)


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Bottle of Water –  If you do one thing during your flight it better involve drinking water. Hydration is key to preventing jet lag and those not so cute under eye circles. 

Snacks – Don't get hangry... prepare for a long flight and equip yourself with snacks. Your friends and family will thank you. 

Comfort Essentials – We suggest packing an eye mask, socks or slippers and even a soft blanket to keep yourself comfortable. If you plan to wear heels through the airport, packing a pair of foldable flats (like Tieks!) is a great option just in case your feet get tired. 


how to pack your carryon for a flight


Cell Phone + Sunglasses –  One of ToteSavvy's great features is its cell phone pocket, keeping your phone in arms reach at all times. The small pocket below is great for sunglass storage! 


travel bag organizer 


iPad + Notebook + Passport or Boarding Pass – Another great ToteSavvy feature is the flat pocket. We love to use this pocket to hold an iPad or Kindle, notebook, passport and boarding pass. The pocket will keep everything together, crisp and of course, easily accessible.  

Keys – Don't forget them... it will make coming home that much harder. Use our nifty key clasp to keep them safely secured within your bag. 


travel bag organizer


Now that ToteSavvy has your essentials organized, grab your favorite tote and slide your ToteSavvy insert inside. Every item is easy to spot and even easier to grab. Happy travels!


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  • Sarah hoffer

    Thank you so much for this post! Our totesavvy has been a lifesaver with two small children for the past few months! I seriously do not know how I have lived without it! My husband and I are taking a trip to Vegas this coming June and I never even thought of packing our TS with my OWN essentials!! Cannot wait to try this out!

  • Life in Play

    Hi Ekta! This is the Tory Burch Thea Convertible Tote :)

  • Ekta

    Hi Inwas wondering what the name of that tote is. Thanks!!

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