How a Dad of Twins Packs His ToteSavvy

How a Dad of Twins Packs His ToteSavvy

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With Father's Day around the corner, we thought it was the perfect time to highlight how a real dad (of twins!) utilizes ToteSavvy when out and about with his crew. 

Now packing for two generally means double the diaper bag essentials, but with the right packing strategy and the right organizer (ToteSavvy!) you can easily pack a dad bag without carrying the entire nursery along with you. 


diaper bag essentials


Let's start with the packing list: 


grovia cloth diapers

packing your diaper bag

We love using Grovia's Hybrid Cloth Diaper with disposable inserts when on-the-go. The disposable BioSoaker pads make it very easy to swap out a new one when baby is wet. After returning home you can easily switch back to your cloth inserts which snap right into the shell! 

Two extra shells are packing inside this ToteSavvy along with 4 BioSoaker inserts on top. The shells may not be needed, but are great to have just in case! 

Next to the diaper shells and pads are our favorite wet wipes from Honest Co. We recommend packing a full package a wipes just in case you run into a sticky situation. 


acure baby's day out

The adorable trio by Acure fits perfectly inside one of ToteSavvy's small pockets. It's always a great idea to be prepared for sun or outdoor fun so be sure to include these inside your diaper bag. 

In the second small pocket fits two applesauce puree pouches– a quick and easy snack while on-the-go! 


innobaby snack tower

We were recently introduced to the Innobaby stackable snack tower and completely fell in love with it. We like being able to see each snack with it's clear walls and that each compartment snaps on an off with ease. It's also the perfect size for our insulated pocket! 


diaper bag essentials

Don't forget the extra set of clothes and a beverage! Two Green Sprouts straw cups fit perfectly inside ToteSavvy's x-large pocket. In between the cups and snack tower is room for two extra sets of clothing. Insider tip: Roll clothing for a better fit inside ToteSavvy's pockets. 


disposable placemats


ToteSavvy's flat pocket is the perfect place to house these disposable placemats. A must-have item when eating out with baby! 


diaper bag


organized diaper bag


This dad bag is fully packed and ready to go! 


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