5 Reasons Why Modern Moms Are Ditching the Diaper Bag

5 Reasons Why Modern Moms Are Ditching the Diaper Bag
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Moms and moms-to-be have always had limited options when it comes to toting around their baby's essentials. 90% will buy a diaper bag and just call it a day. Some may like their diaper bag and not think twice about it, but others will be longing for the day they get to use their beloved tote or satchel they used to carry religiously. The other 10% forgo the diaper bag completely and decide to dump everything into an oversized tote bag. This works for about 1 day before the clutter gets out of hand and the spilt milk/formula/crackers begins to eat through your handbag contaminate everything you're carrying around. 

So what's a woman to do? Well, we have the answer for you. A few years ago a new mom went through this same dilemma and decided enough was enough. She got out her sewing machine and crafted herself the perfect organizer to fit inside her handbag. No longer did she have liquids spilling inside her purse or cracker crumbs attached to everything she took out. Best of all, she could easily access anything she needed for her daughter within seconds and all while carrying her favorite handbag. Fast forward 1 year.... ToteSavvy by Life in Play hits the market for moms (and dads!) everywhere. 

We've curated a list of reasons why modern moms are loving our ToteSavvy and ditching their diaper bag forever. 

1. It gives her the freedom to carry any handbag she chooses

2. She carries more than just diapers so she requires her organizer to hold EVERYTHING

3.  It allows her to keep her personal style while still being a mom

4. It easily transfers from one handbag to another

5. One organizer, unlimited possibilities 

Are you ready to ditch the diaper bag? Learn more about ToteSavvy's size and specifications here, and how to organize it here

Happy organizing!!


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