Diaper Bag Checklist for Twins

Diaper Bag Checklist for Twins

Packing your diaper bag for one baby can be a challenge. Packing for twin babies, that's an even bigger challenge! Double the baby-love calls for double the supplies and double the organization. As organization experts and diaper bag packing experts, we're excited to share our diaper bag checklist for twins!


Diapers & Wipes: If there's anything to pack in excess, it's diapers. Plan on using one diaper, per baby, per hour away. If you're planning a 3-hour trip, pack 6 diapers at the very least. We like to throw in an extra diaper (just in case). Be sure to pack yourself a full package a wet wipes. The travel packs are cute and super compact but they don't supply enough wipes for one poopy diaper, let alone two. You've got room in your diaper bag so grab a full pack. The travel size item you do want in your diaper bag is diaper rash cream.   



Bottles or Nursing Supplies: A similar rule applies for packing food for your babies. Knowing that your babies will eat every 2-3 hours (or less if they're older), pack yourself 2 bottles (one for each baby) for that 3 hour trip. Then to be extra safe, you can add an additional 2 bottles. Any parent will tell you that running out of food for your baby feels like a catastrophe. Always be prepared with that extra bottle for both babies. We suggest to pre-fill your bottles with water, then add the formula (when your baby is ready to eat) from travel size packets. You can also find special containers that hold formula and fit within your bottle (while filled with water). 

If you're breastfeeding, you may want to pack supplies to make your feeding sessions more comfortable. If you're carrying a nursing cover / scarf, fold and roll it to make it more compact in your diaper bag. Because you won't have a need for bottles, you'll have room for an additional blanket that can be used under your arm for comfort. This is a great option to have in lieu of a bulky nursing pillow. Use the same technique of rolling the blanket so it fits nicely inside your diaper bag. 

spare clothing for twinsSpare Clothing: 
One set of spare clothing per baby is sufficient. We like to pack a full set which includes: onesie, pants, pair of socks, hat. Definitely think about your climate when packing this spare set. If you live in a warmer climate you may not need the socks, and may opt for a sun hat over one for warmth. Bundle each set of clothing together to contain the smaller items like socks. You can even fold the set in half to keep it all together.  

Swaddle Blankets: 
Swaddle blankets are a must-have for us because they lend themselves to many uses. Drape a gauze swaddle blanket over your stroller or carseat to keep sun out of baby's eyes. Use a flannel swaddle blanket for warmth in the stroller. These blankets can also be used for actual swaddling if your babies like to feel snug. Again, think about your climate and what type of swaddle blanket will lend itself most useful.  

2 bibsBibs & Burp Cloths: Grab two bibs and two burp cloths for your
outing. Bibs can usually be reused once, and a burp cloth can be used for both babies. The spare burp cloth will be your "just in case" cloth to be used as a impromptu bib or second burp cloth. 

Pacifiers / Teething Toys: 
If your babies use pacifiers, don't leave the house without one for each child. You may not offer them through your whole outing, but you'll be very glad you have them if there's a meltdown. Along with, or instead of the pacifiers, pack a toy that can also serve as a teether. We love teethers in the shape of animals, and our kiddos tend to agree :) 


Wallet / Keys / Phone: Now for your stuff. At the very least, you'll
need to pack your keys, wallet and phone. If you find spare room in your diaper bag, you could add in a snack for yourself, water bottle, and even a tablet or book in case you find a spare 5 seconds to yourself :)




Diaper Bag Checklist for Twins:

  • 7 diapers 
  • Full package of wipes
  • Travel size diaper rash cream
  • 4 bottles (pre-filled with water) + formula packets OR nursing cover (if you use one)
  • 1 set of spare clothing per baby (onesie, pants, pair of socks, hat)
  • 2 swaddle blankets (we love the gauze ones!)
  • 2 bibs and 2 burp cloths
  • 2 pacifiers (if you use them) and 2 teether toys
  • Wallet, keys, cell phone, Kindle (we know... we're dreaming)


ToteSavvy + Your Handbag:

We love how ToteSavvy lends itself to organize your diaper bag or any large size tote bag. Not only can you fit all of the above easily inside, you'll be able to access every item with ease. Take a look through our photo diary below of packing ToteSavvy for twins following our checklist. 

The handbag used in this photo diary is the Kate Spade Lyla Weekender Bag. We adore this bag as a diaper bag for many reasons. It's made of nylon which is very durable and easy to wipe clean. It's large enough to hold everything needed for two babies, and with room to spare. It has a shoulder strap making it easier to carry. Finally, It's an adorable fashion statement. The size is very large (it is in the luggage category after all), but many diaper bags tend to be on the larger side especially ones that can accommodate supplies for twins.  

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