ToteSavvy for Your Travel Handbag

ToteSavvy for Your Travel Handbag


The inspiration behind ToteSavvy came after a hectic 5-hour flight with a newborn baby. Anyone who has traveled with children can attest to the difficulty. The main problem wasn't being confined to a tiny seat, necessarily. The issue lied in the ability to find what was needed, when it was needed. Again, anyone who has traveled with a child (or two) can agree that the speed in finding what you need is key. 

What about the times you're traveling without children? Is it still helpful to have your handbag organized with all necessities easily accessible? Absolutely! We tend to pack more than the usual items in a carry-on handbag for a flight. Adding these items without a solid organizational plan can leave you digging through the black hole of your handbag, while you could be blissfully listening to your favorite album as you lean back and relax. Sound like your idea of a great flight? We agree!

Take a look through our ToteSavvy, packed for a long flight. No baby or kid items here. Just everyday necessities that will make your flight much more enjoyable. 


What's in Our ToteSavvy?

Bottle of water (purchased after security)

Healthy snacks


Hand Sanitizer

Chapstick / Lipstick

Makeup pouch

Jewelry pouch (always hand carry your valuables!)


Digital reader



Eye mask

Tooth brush kit (just in case!)








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