3 Ways To Use The Travel Clothing Organizer

3 Ways To Use The Travel Clothing Organizer
You’ve seen the Travel Clothing Organizer used to pack little one’s clothing for a trip, but so many of you have asked for ideas on how else you can use them and for an adult version, so we wanted to share with you how you can use the Travel Clothing Organizer in other ways!
ToteSavvy Travel Clothing Organizer
Vacation & Paradise Travel
It’s almost time for vacation season to begin, and we want to make sure you’re organized & ready for the fun you’re about to have! The Travel Clothing Organizer will be ideal for light-weight adult clothing, like tanks, linen shorts, bathing suits, undergarments, and even athletic leggings and sports bras.
All too often, we find ourselves struggling to find the matching bathing suit set, undergarments get lost in the shuffle, and the extra tank we packed is suddenly missing in the mound of clothes we packed…but totally didn’t need. #Overpackersunite
Keep your must-haves packed in the Travel Clothing Organizer and hang it up as soon as you get to your destination. This way, you can keep your smaller items organized and separate from your other clothing and essentials.
The clear, zippered pockets can be used for items you’ll need quickly like sunscreen, a travel hair brush, hair accessories and touch up makeup.
ToteSavvy Travel Clothing Organizer
Weekly Clothes Planning
If you have a little one, but you want to find a way to use the Travel Clothing Organizer everyday, these next two ideas are going to be mind blowing. Use it to plan your little one’s weekly outfits.
Put one outfit each in the pockets for the week ahead to give your toddler and little ones more independence when it comes to getting dressed. We all know our little ones have a strong will to learn and grow, so let’s create an easy way to give them that!
In the clear, zippered pockets, you can put items like their socks, undies, hair brush and hair accessories so they’re easy to reach. You’ll be sure to see their little face light up every time they choose their outfit, and you don’t have to worry about them leaving the house super mismatched!
Parenting Pro Tip: Put their pajamas in the lowest drawer of their dresser to give them a little more independence in choosing their pajamas after bath time, too!
ToteSavvy Travel Clothing Organizer
Changing Station
If you have a little one that’s not quite ready for outfit planning, use the Travel Clothing Organizer for your everyday benefit. You can use it to keep your changing station organized. No matter if you use it in the nursery, have it hanging in the living room or in the playroom, it’s such a convenient way to make sure you have everything you need to change your little one no matter where you are in your home.
Stock up the pockets with diapers, wipes, a couple spare outfits (blowouts happen no matter where you are!) changing pad, and a swaddle. In the clear, zippered pockets, you can keep things like diaper rash cream, a spare paci & paci clip, teethers, and hand sanitizer spray.
Do you have any other ideas on how you would use the Travel Clothing Organizer?!
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