How to Pack Your Diaper Bag for Twins with ToteSavvy

How to Pack Your Diaper Bag for Twins with ToteSavvy


The life of a twin mom is pretty chaotic. Not only do you have two babies biding for your attention, most of the time they require different types of care, at the same time. One baby is ready to eat while the other is ready for a snooze. Twin A can barely keep his eyes open while Twin B decides it's the perfect time to play... loudly. Sometimes a little peaceful organization in your daily routine is just what you need to stay sane.

While it may be difficult to control the chaos at all times. You can control bits and pieces of it throughout your day. One great way to keep the peace is to create an uber organized diaper bag. A properly packed and organized diaper bag is a necessity for leaving the house, and a great way to feel like you've got it together. 

While diaper bags are meant to house the essentials when you're on-the-go, many diaper bags (and handbags in general) lack organization. This is exactly why ToteSaavy was born. Our chic and innovative insert provides much-needed organization to your handbag or diaper bag. Pair ToteSaavy with our curated packing list (below!) to ensure you'll have an organized and stress-free outing with your twins. Or.. at least stress-free when it comes to finding those necessities in your bag. As you well know, twins love to keep you on your toes!


What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag for Twin Infants:

  • Diapers - Pack enough for 1 diaper change per hour you're away (times 2 babies). 
  • Wipes - You'll want a full large pack. Murphy's Law says you'll face a poopy blow-out at least once per outing.
  • Change of clothing - Step two of poopy blow-out cleanup. Be sure to pack one outfit per baby. 
  • Bibs / Burp cloth - You'll need 1 bib per child here as well. Some parents like to pack a separate burp cloth to keep any mess off of their attire. I highly recommend doing this. No one likes spit-up on a fresh shirt. 
  • Bottles + Formula (or Breastmilk) - My rule of thumb is to pack for the number of feedings you know you'll have, plus an additional feeding. I always try to feed my twins before we leave the house. At that point I know I'll have approximately 3 hours before the next feeding. Technically I only need to pack 2 bottles if I plan on being home within 4 hours. However, I ALWAYS pack an additional 2 bottles just in case someone decides to cluster feed or I get held up. 
  • Nursing cover or scarf (for breastfeeding moms) - By no means do I think breastfeeding moms should cover up. I know a few moms who prefer to do so and they recommend packing a cover for convenience on the go. 
  • Pacifiers - Pack your baby's favorite paci or lovey. Then pack an extra or two just in case it's needed. You can never be too prepared when it comes to soothing an infant. 
  • Changing mat - Most diaper bags come with a changing mat. If you're using a ToteSavvy, the changing mat will be rolled at the bottom of the organizer. 
  • Diaper cream - I like to carry Aquaphor because it also doubles as a moisturizer for dry baby skin. The less I need to pack in my diaper bag, the better. 
  • Blankets - One blanket per baby will suffice. Because blankets tend to be rather bulky, I like to lay each blanket over baby's lap in their carseat. This way I don't have to use all the space inside my ToteSavvy to hold a plush textile. 

That's it! This packing list takes care of the basics and doesn't add unneeded items to weigh you down. I've personally tested this list many times. So far i've always had what I need, when I need it!


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